Roadside repair

bad luck on the way
ER Classics Desktop 2022

AMK respectHere in the Netherlands you cannot get it through the MOT. But in loosely regulated euro countries? Then you will certainly come home with it.

Oh well, it is something different than a pantyhose like a V-belt or an egg in the radiator against leakage.

But it does not show much respect for technology. Although: there are more motorists, including classic drivers, who treat their cars the way the Greeks do with their donkeys: with a lot of beating and little eating.



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  1. Hi you had a feature in - I think - June 2006 on a blue mg j2. I am the current owner and would love a copy of the magazine. Would you have one in your cellar somewhere? Love the website by the way. Thanks John

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Criminal -Citroën_CX

Theft pays off, Utrecht scores