Roadside repairs

ER Classics Desktop 2022

coupling cableRoadside repairs: These are the repairs far before the universal reset of the unsurpassed Roadside Assistance.

Those WegenWachters are, by the way, overjoyed if they are allowed to make a stranded classic.

Because mechanical technology is so much more fun than ECU resetting.

For example, the BX editorial team has been running an improvised hose in its cooling system for years. Roadside repairs: Thanks to the WegenWacht.

There is little repair on the road for newer cars. There is still something to improvise when it comes to repairing unexpected problems with classics. Just look at the picture of the coupling cable. A lot can be said about the repair, but it all worked again.

Have the windshield wipers operated by the passenger with a pair of laces of hiking boots or a piece of string tied together? Check! works. Temporarily seal a nice radiator by throwing an egg in it? Roadside repairs!

Moreover, countless emergency solutions are possible when there is even a roll of Ducktape (the Real one), a few meters of iron wire, some snake clamps and an empty drink can.

But the most convenient is of course to start a ride with a car that is just right for each other.

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