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Dreaming about a cast-iron four-cylinder engine of 695 cc and 5 ficale 'chevaux' (14 pk?) That is something for gourmets. Under the hood of this Peugeot 190S from the very beginning of the 1930s, such a basic power source is dormant.

A pile of Peugeot parts

Rob adopted the Peugeot 190S completely disassembled and without bodywork. Finding parts for a Peugeot from the late twenties and early thirties is a branch of sport that you can actually only practice in La Douce France itself.

The good corner

Via this French 'Marktplaats', Rob gathered parts to create the best possible result from that party. He exchanged or sold what he had left. The enthusiasts of cars from before WWII are usually well-arranged and very willing to help each other. He found a lot of parts that were almost fitting and could only cope with this project because, as a genetic engineer, he was not hindered by emotions such as haste or impatience. The engine block that - according to them - should be in order was not working. When Rob finally went to measure the compression, it turned out that during the discussed 'preparation' of the small four-cylinder, it probably fell somewhere between the workbench and the wall.

No compression

Another engine was still to emerge. Plus a bucket of NOS parts. By mixing and matching the parts and the parts of parts, a power source was created that probably did not meet factory specifications, but which could still be accepted as 'good' according to Rob's technical standards. Casting in new crankshaft bearings was the biggest challenge. Some further detail care was needed. For example, a well-functioning gas factory was made from four bad and one mismatched carburettors. And that the four cylinders have to breathe through a bore that looks like little finger thick? Well, 14 hp should be enough. And let it be 12 in practice? During the rebirth of the engine the ignition changed from battery ignition coil, to magnet, and back to battery ignition coil ignition. Depending on the new found, better parts. Rob's quietly determined effort paid off.

In the paint

Eventually the small four-cylinder pore deep was cleaned and fitted with a tight-fitting new jacket. But still: every detail still welcomed more than three-quarters of a century of experience. The state of the art in the thirties was endearingly dated for cars that were meant for 'the masses'. It looks more engine room than engine room like. Coarse castings, simple shapes, the wiring, the nest of extra spark plugs ... Each part lets the viewer tenderly conclude: "Yes. That's how it used to be ”And don't let anyone think that a six-volt starter motor has a hard time making the low-compressed 695 cc engine run its first laps! After months of trying and combining the best parts from a collection of parts and worn-out carburetors, the Peugeot 190S finally gave its first sizzling nose-barking.

The carriage

Oh yes: Rob also made the entire bodywork himself. But that is an other story

The first hits

And the courtyard where Rob's garage is located was blue with oil smoke for quite some time. After that, there were only some problems with the ignition, the cooling, the starter motor and such trifles. It also turned out that the simplest of all cooling systems, the thermosyphon cooling, whose circulation is based on the simple law of nature that warm water is lighter than cold water, was not fully aware of the existence of that natural law. But after a lot of TLC - what would the French call that anyway? - the car was ready for inspection and only one visit to the RDW was enough to get the Peugeot registered. Since that time, the Peugeot has been used for regional trips with peers.


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