Rolls-Royce under sail

Rolls Royce under sail photo Jacques van den Bergh 5
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Actually, I can't remember ever being able to spot a special car in the open air in the Netherlands. But on Friday, July 30, I saw this car to my amazement. You could tell he had once been under a tarpaulin.

By: Jacques van der Bergh

That sail was once pulled around the car with very solid straps to protect the rather special car against the elements. And that sail has had its day. As a result, you could see that the engine had been removed from the car. You could also see that the hood was missing and the grille. The car fascinated me, but it was not immediately clear to me what kind of car it was.

I thought it looked big and luxurious. I couldn't find any badges or decals anywhere and of course I don't climb fences and the like. In addition, it was raining very hard when I first saw the car, so I didn't feel like getting my non-waterproof camera wet.

After I looked more closely at the pictures at home, I saw that the hood should be in two parts. Because there was still a strip of blue tarpaulin in the middle of the engine compartment. The electronics I saw seemed English to me. The rear lights in dark red indicate an American import car. The license plate could not be read, but a plate in the engine compartment revealed the secret. It was a Rolls Royce.

But now I wanted to know what model it was. That didn't take much effort. The shape of the front and back made me think of a model from the fifties or sixties. Soon I came across the Silver Cloud. Photos of other engine bays I looked at on the internet made it clear that the missing engine is a straight-six. I think this car is a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I. From 1958. I don't know how long the car has been in this place and I don't know why it's outside. I made a short video of it…



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  1. Then you think to yourself, I'll put the car outside under a tarp, then I'll start working on it in 2 months.
    And before you realize it, 10 years have already passed while nature has not sat still and has done its demolition work.
    Many copies have been lost, it always starts with good intentions.

  2. Very special find, so "poorly hidden" and little protected against the elements.
    I hope someone with good intentions will take care of it.

  3. I think the blue strip in the middle of the moror space is a seam where 2 pieces of silk are sewn together. The blue strip also runs over the windshield and the grill.

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