"The majority of the House of Representatives poses a double problem to classic car owners."

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A majority within the Lower House today approved the proposed new MRB scheme for old-timers. The VVD, PvdA, D66, SGP and ChristenUnie already signed an agreement on the budget for 2014 in October. Last week support from the largest opposition parties (CDA, SP, PVV and 50 Plus) for an alternative (postponing old-timer arrangement to 2015) came to light. The motions and amendments thereto were, however, swept aside by the Lower House.

First Chamber important link
This outcome did not come as a surprise. Also not with initiator Wouter van Embden. “We did see this coming. Although opposition to the new rules grew from the opposition, it turned out not to be able to withstand the fall agreement. So we have nothing else to do but take an important next step. ”That step will consist of follow-up discussions with members of the Senate. There were earlier objections to the measure there. "And especially from a quality point of view." The case is also questionable legally - as we have touched on several times through these columns. The Vliet Amendment would only be evaluated in 2015. In addition, three measures are disproportionate in four years.

Legal aspect
Lawyer Mr Tom Barkhuysen - legal partner of - also agrees. He already ordered State Secretary Weekers to remove the 40-year compromise from the Tax Plan. And he is ready to announce further actions. However, the mouthpiece of the Ministry of Finance is bound by well-defined regulations. Rules imposed by Europe on the Netherlands. The budget must be correct and then it is determined where the money must be taken from. Whether the pecunia actually flows towards the State Treasury is of secondary importance. And behavioral effects do not count either.

Mobility is becoming more expensive
The majority in the Lower House also stood firm with regard to the excise duty increases for LPG and Diesel (7 cent and 3 cent respectively). In addition, the fuel price will soon be subject to the false argument that inflation is called. That concept would only have been applicable if fuel prices and excise duties had been adjusted downwards. The average income in the Netherlands has been in the refrigerator for a few years, while the price level in our country is simply rising. The ill-considered decision-making process is a blow to the entire motorized mobility sector. The old-timer owner with a car between 26 and 40 years even experiences a double disadvantage. In effecting the 40 year compromise, it is obliged to pay MRB and extra high fuel costs. The owner of the fuel-efficient road tax-free car will also be faced with a double cost increase per 1 January 2014, due to the increase in excise duty and the lapse of the MRB exemption for the smaller fuel-efficient car.

Regarding old-timer owners and enthusiasts: Wouter van Embden and his team do not give up. As mentioned, intensive discussions will be held with members of the Senate in the coming weeks. And the members there can still veto the Tax Plan. A veto that gives the mobility sector in general and the vintage car sector in particular a renewed perspective.


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  1. I have now sold part of my collection (a piece of 10 classic motorcycles). Because now even in Dutch, unused motor vehicles have to be paid for.
    The tax now costs more than the hobby itself.
    Where should that go?

  2. Too bad everyone. Why not an 60 day ticket for enthusiasts. Now you are no longer allowed to have a hobby, unless you open your cut.
    What a regulated country the Netherlands has become. In other words, the government does decide whether you can pursue your hobby. Really a shame such a limitation.

  3. I own 9 vintage cars. unfortunately. they are all from for 1970. Opel B Cadet.
    I have to suspend now. still look for 1 sparta-met. then I have 5. 1 is ten decades. remainder instead of 23 euros. bah you keep paying.

  4. politics.the hague think this is the solution but they will come back to it find something that has been going on for years now, once in a while sweeping scandalous old-timer owners and enthusiasts: the hague wants power but in the end this is a lot of money for them cost what vintage cars are not the angry doenders
    no this is about 40000,00 tax liability that they want to earn back through old-timers that is certainly not fair you make in denhaag shouted and old-timers are the victim so that you can not close the state pot yourself you have made it everyone in denhaag times one part of their bowls give no nurture not that has to be through the odtimers and odtimers are the problem not the taxdaw that is the problem they have made in denhaag not us and not the enthusiasts what it will be again soon that should stay I say stay with your feet off what has been like this for years this is the real problem as they all vote pecunia actually flow towards Staatskas is of secondary importance. And behavioral consequences also do not count. The taxchurld we have to run for the lovers of vintage cars bit pathetic denhaag that you should do so hey because polluting is a lie because an oldtimer is a car well maintained so nonsense think lorry traffic tractors mopeds scooters that they should go there to collect a tax not from the enthusiasts who are zuining but yes the state pot that lacks tax money that is not something Denhaag itself has to pay, they also made it yourself but you do not give in to the schrulden

  5. there goes my hobby, work me the pleuris to be able to pay all taxes that have been introduced by this corupte cabinet

    don't even know what to suspend in January now, can he be on the street in the 3 months?

    will just cancel my hobby and have to sell it with pain in my heart, there goes me hard earned money he will not be worth a shit anymore,

    hope that something can be expected from the first room but have a hard head in it.

    set of bag fillers

  6. All old-timers that will soon be given up, pile up in the courtyard.
    And then the big BBQ can begin. Who takes care of the meat and the marshmallows?

    Mrs. greeting

  7. I have to say that if I mail the people of the 2e room a neat note asking them to think again about this far too soon taken wrong decision, I will receive a message from the following (MPs):

    Receive an e-mail from the following people stating that the message has not been read but has ended up in the trash.
    So these are not the true representatives of the people.

    I don't even want to hear the words 'Milieu polluter' if you look at the pollution of our coal-fired power plant and our new acquisition of a few cents the JSF

    Your message was deleted without being read on Monday by:

    Hachchi W.
    Kuzu, T.
    Kerstens, J.
    Driesen, J.
    Bergkamp, ​​V.
    Swinnen, L.
    Azmani M.
    Rutte, A.
    Caluwé de I.
    Arib K.
    Vries de A. (Albert)

    Hamer MI (Public)
    Straus K.
    Dijk van O. (Otwin)
    Dikkers S.
    —– Original Message —–
    From: Newsletter ExemptionOldtimer
    To: martin
    Sent: Monday, November 18, 2013 6: 00 PM
    Subject: Last chance to make your voice heard

    We then pay for such representatives

    • Yes, I noticed that too. Also ventured a message to all members of the House of Representatives. How many MPs do not flicker their e-mails unseen. Simply outrageous.

  8. Years ago, an arrangement was made for driving a gray license, anyone who had it by name was allowed to continue driving “gray”. Why not the same kind of regulation for old-timers under 40 years old? My vision in this is that those who drive a “tax-free” classic car just for the sake of cheapness will stop after 1 or 2 years because they often drive an old barrel and do not cherish it and he will not receive a MOT without a MOT within a few years. major restoration and most do not want that because it costs money and is not “cheap” to drive, so that group disappears, if they do restore, there will be employment again (fewer people in unemployment benefit) and trade in parts (VAT) and garages work that causes VAT to flow back into the public purse.

    • This is not correct Harco,
      At that time I had a gray license plate and was not allowed to continue to drive gray (I went from 60 to 260 euros per quarter) and there was therefore no transitional arrangement for private individuals and we could just pay, just like now.
      The 2 old-timers that I have together go from 0 euros to about 4000 euros in tax per year, so I am going to suspend before January 1!

  9. I can well understand that the daily old-timer use is a thorn in the men's eye. But
    What I cannot understand is that the gentlemen first fill the Netherlands with old-timers
    Because of the beautiful arrangement and then suddenly awake and then say that it is no longer allowed.
    What else can we expect? When I make a decision, I also have to be accountable
    but as a country you don't have to? As a citizen you can therefore no longer rely on anything and start nothing. Sounds like communism to me.

    • The scheme was once intended for hobby purposes, for 25+ cars.
      But has been fully milked out because people with those young vintage cars started driving daily instead of 5000 km per year of recreation. So now the fans have to bleed, very sad.

  10. I myself have a small Japanese on gas, so it is not that I could not afford the mrb, but what bothers me is the legal inequality with regard to the transitional arrangement. In addition, LPG should benefit from an environmental point of view.
    By the way, I do wonder whether this government will save the small entrepreneurs who now run their business in the oldtimer niche if the turnover there ebbs based on this new regulation ...

  11. I own 4 vintage cars myself
    next to my everyday cars
    beetle oval bj 55 remains road tax free 200km per year
    golf mk1 convertible at 84 500km per year
    golf mk1 5 doors at 81 1500 km per year
    golf mk1 3 doors at 83 1000km per year

    all petrol cars, which therefore falls under the quarter scheme
    but it is going to be an expensive hobby

    I certainly do not intend to do this
    but this economy almost obliges you to sell or put them away (suspend)

    the true enthusiast will be punished again
    by users who use the old-timer every day
    the arrangement was not created for that at the time

    that people will abuse it was to be expected
    if only I see what young tax-free diesels have been brought here in the last few years
    I conclude that these are not abusers but abusers
    let them tackle that group by paying the first 5 year in full
    with this you keep polluting cars outside the Netherlands

    but feel more sewn by this government every day
    increases VAT
    excise duties are on the move
    old-timer arrangement to the buttons
    And so on

    • You probably mean all W124 Mercedes with half Morocco driving around on salad oil.
      Yes, they really screwed it up for the true enthusiast

      My Mercedes W126 280 SE from 1981 was worth a bit or 8 a year and a half ago. I can now clap my hands if there is 10% left of it

  12. Now this, and on the next Budget Day, it will probably be decided that the “Pay 1 quarter & drive 3 quarters - scheme” will be converted to complete cancellation of the scheme because it did not generate enough money ...

    Long live Ebay: Strip your classic for cash & trade the rest to the old iron farmer ...

  13. It is a pity that the true old-timer enthusiast suffers from this who wants to use his or her old-timer for a Sunday tour.

  14. Recently my bike was stolen. I do not understand that someone cannot get rid of other people's things. I get such a feeling with this story, I feel robbed. I buy a car with the intention of being able to enjoy it for a number of years. I invest to extend the life span. I invest extremely much in my hobby because it is my passion, my soul and bliss. Suddenly this is now changing. No transitional arrangement! Scandalous! I have no choice. I also have a family. The common man cannot afford this.

  15. those open european borders, all those imported vintage cars for daily use, who came up with this. The gray number plate scheme was reversed a few years ago, so why can't a good old-timer scheme exist then? once more oldtimers.geld money that is the only thing the world revolves around, only the word MILIeu is already money and great nonsense and the ordinary people are no longer listened to scams embezzlement and wastefulness I own a very small 4wd oldtimer and do not drive 500km per year because it is mostly terrain, do not escape this fuss because I must have a green card to be allowed to drive. It is a great pity that a hobby must be terrorized in such a way

  16. This state of affairs is typical of contemporary politics.
    And then the ladies and gentlemen politicians find it strange that any form of support among the common man disappears completely.

  17. where not to get rid of 30 year just like in the other countries so as in Germany also belong to the eu my car is 28 year so I can suspend him 2 year then that is also 30 year I drive on gas I also think everyone who there is a row of 25 or 28 they suspend their anyway and then bring nothing to them that the diesel to tackle that I do not mind myself have a wave type 1 there but that pollute nothing it is just the maintenance that they have to do and they do not do it that I dare say 100% come but behind me you do not smell that it is a diesel

    • I have a diesel 300 w124 and you can smell that, I'm happy with it and proud to let them pay attention to other countries as the pollution is many times greater than we pollute with those few cars
      This country is beginning to bore me said to be country with that corrupt policy here

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