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As expected, the municipality of Rotterdam appeals against the court's decision to allow older petrol cars back into the Rotterdam environmental zone. Pex Langenberg, alderman for mobility, sustainability and culture in the port city, is not happy with the decision that was taken at 14 last June. “The intensity of the number of older cars in the zone is increasing again. And with that also the pollution. ”The Rotterdam city council will debate the topic in the very short term.

Langenberg quotes the Currency Note. Among other things, it states how contributions can be made to the objectives for improved air quality in Rotterdam. "We simply need to keep cars off, it is an important part to achieve the objectives." Furthermore, Langenberg again relies on the publication, which was recently published and which stated that a decrease in NOX reduction of 20% a significant part was due to the excluded vehicle group.


It is remarkable that Langenberg brings the quality of life into his argumentation to repel the petrol cars. He ignores the fact that the share of this group of cars in traffic is only 0,14%, and that the traffic intensity in the port city has only increased.

Possible expansion of the Rotterdam environmental zone with Euro 3 diesels

Langenberg, however, continues to adhere to its intention to refuse the petrol cars recently re-admitted to the Rotterdam environmental zone. "They emit more than diesels that are allowed into the city." The alderman further expresses his concern about the feasibility of objectives in the Koersnota. “If it appears in 2018 that they have not been achieved, consideration should be given to expanding the package of measures. For example, the exclusion of cars with a Euro 3 diesel engine. And that is a large group. That measure is not desirable in advance because of the large social effect. ”The effect is not mentioned by the alderman.


It remains curious. Because the Rotterdam Classics Foundation has already shown that both petrol and diesel fuel excluded from the environmental zone of Rotterdam individually contribute less than a percent to NO2 emissions in the port city, which scares the big cruise ships and the polluting industry. And to stay with the car: a Q7 from 2006 can happily enter the Rotterdam environmental zone, a small and fuel-efficient diesel from before 2001 is not.

VVD: damage counter for victims

Finally, Langenberg has indicated that the scheme for conversion of rejected cars will continue to exist. The swords remain crossed in the meantime. A strong debate is expected to take place in the city council. And the VVD in Rotterdam has already argued for a damage counter for victims of the Rotterdam environmental zone. They made pricey adjustments to their cars, or sold them at a significant loss.


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