Municipality of Rotterdam: “environmental zone will be in effect from 1 May”

Environmental zones
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Despite all the opposition, objections and investigations, the environmental zone in Rotterdam will be continued as usual. Various arguments submitted are declared inadmissible. The Municipal Executive also does not want to postpone the measures. This means that from 1 May, the rules regarding the environmental zone in the port city will be enforced. The Rotterdam Classics Foundation - in favor of clean air but fiercely opposed to this zone - is now considering legal action.


From 1 in May fines
In a considerable part of Rotterdam, gasoline and LPG cars from before July 1992 and diesels from before January 2001 are no longer welcome. Offenders will receive a fine of 90 euros. There will still be adjustments on a few points. For example, the boundaries of the environmental zone are being pushed somewhat, so that the Woudestein campus of the Erasmus University and the Stadscamping Rotterdam, at the Kleinpolderplein junction, are no longer included.


Camping vehicles
Furthermore, camping vehicles that should not be allowed into the environmental zone are exempted from the rules. Owners of older campers can apply for exemption. They may then enter 12 times a year before 72 hours to pack and unpack for vacations, the city council has decided. Cars are a major culprit according to the municipality


Standards are not met
The environmental zone is an attempt by the municipality to improve air quality. The air is so polluted in several places in Rotterdam that European standards are not being met, with all the associated health damage. Cars are a major culprit; according to the municipality, they provide approximately half of all pollution. By the way, vintage cars of 40 years and older can enter the city without exemption.


The Rotterdam Classics Foundation shows other figures
The Rotterdam Classics Foundation recently showed very different figures. According to the research, the influence of the vehicles that will soon be banned will be revealed that the environmental zone is, among other things, "designed" on the basis of assumptions resulting from a TNO study by 2012. The good listener needs half a word: that was before the announcement of the current old-timer measure, which caused the number of vehicles in the category of vehicles to fall between 25 and 40 year (reference date 1 January 2014). Furthermore, it was revealed that the vehicles that will soon be rejected have a very limited influence on the air quality in Rotterdam. The latest developments in the port city reinforce the intention of the Rotterdam Classics Foundation to consider legal action.


Not to sell
Unfortunately, in this case too, the costs for the development and implementation of the zone (calculated at € 12 million) do not benefit. The costs are incurred. And it seems - although that will never be confirmed - that it is impossible to sell that a lot of money has been spent on a measure that does not work or is reversed.

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  1. Oh well, the responsible alderman is called Pex. Probably not from a working-class neighborhood and has a long history of working with the (semi) government, including ministries and membership of a party that matters in the Randstad. Not a word of automotive technology - otherwise you don't believe the baker talk about clean technology nowadays - and never in a poor situation.

    I have always been very interested in local and national politics, but voting seems less and less useful.

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