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As an editor you regularly have the privilege of driving fine classics and older youngsters. Some cars are extra distinctive within those categories. The Rover 827Si is such a car that has made the heart beat with expectation for a long time. And this version of the 800 R17 range impressively lives up to expectations.

So anticipation, and it is not for nothing. This Rover 827 Si was ordered by the first owner in the enchanting combination Nightfire Red outside and cream leather inside. And that collusion comes with equipment specifications that don't lie. Moreover, this Rover is from 1994 blessed with a Legend engine. In plain English: under the hood is the 2.7 V6 Honda engine, which is linked to a four-speed automatic transmission with S4 application. This Rover comes from Austria, and in the Alpine country the beautiful 827Si covered only 51.000 kilometers. Sicco Dijkstra from provider Dijkstra Classic Cars & Youngtimers recently took him to the Creme 21 rally in Bavaria. We will drive it shortly after.

More dynamic nineties look

This Rover has everything a car in the larger luxury class should have. First of all, there is the exclusivity, because the 800 series you see relatively little on the roads. That is also why this Rover is a wonderful alternative to the established order in this segment. In addition, the 827 Si offers a battery of electrical options, there is climate control on board and the furniture is covered with sublime leather. It is enjoyable behind the fine-handling steering wheel, while you look out at a dashboard that reveals the car's eighties origins. Note: this Rover is after the R17 facelift, where it got a more dynamic appearance. In this sense, it was adapted to nineties standards, whereby the model was also given more attractive curves.

Endless driving dynamics

However, the extremely pleasant driving dynamics of this Rover are endless. The chassis offers ultra comfort, the automatic transmission is silky soft, and in the sport mode you have the choice to press the S4 button so that the speed goes down. That is an overdrive, as it were. It is no exaggeration to say that this executive does almost everything superbly. The handling has already been mentioned, the steering is comfortable and communicates really well. A little sharper through a bend? Forget that and steer the Rover gently through a sharp corner. If you put a little more spice into the curve, a quickly occurring understeer will emerge.

Well-mannered suppleness

This is not least because the Honda V6 engine puts weight on the scale. That power source does more. The silky smooth 2.7 shows an uncontrollably fine and well-mannered flexibility and, in combination with the beautiful automatic transmission, is really fantastic. You don't have to worry about it, and that also applies to the way in which many functions can be operated or set. A child can do the laundry.

Beneficial properties

This applies to the entire driving characteristic, the Rover is very easy to drive. He takes the work off your hands and lets you enjoy the beneficial properties offered by the technology and comfort on board. Despite the performance potential, there is no need for a moment to floor the accelerator, the Rover is averse to the urge to prove in that area. By the way, count on being able to give him the spurs if you have to. But it's not necessary. You want to leave the world relaxed with this car. Bart Spijker and I stay with the Rover in Frisian, but you constantly feel the desire to tour the Alps with it. Or much further. To then arrive fully equipped, with the feeling that you still want to go a step further with the Rover. Such a car is this.

Technically flawless

Now the Rover is waiting for a pure enthusiast, who looks a little further than the qualitative prejudices that stick to an 800 series. Especially the copies after the facelift are technically flawless, and the old electrical ailments are less of an issue with the facelift versions. The electric window control can sometimes falter, which is a point of attention, so replacing a printed circuit board or a switch offers a solution.

Attractive for the business driver

It is of course personal, but I find the R17 series of the 800 (so the series from 1991) more attractive than the original 800 versions thanks to the curves. Anyone who was in the market for this 90 Si in the 827s readily paid a ton in guilders in the Netherlands. Today the asking price is € 7.950. Whoever pays for that is assured of an excellent alternative that is almost in new condition. An alternative, which is also fiscally beneficial from a business point of view.

Just broken in, pure comfort

However, you are doing this car far too short by mentioning tax benefits. Because this is an almost virgin Rover 827 Si in a truly sublime condition. Just run in, top maintenance, 55.000 kilometers of life experience and good for pure comfort. With the certainty of formidable Japanese technology, which has been put in a wonderful British coat. A combination that largely left the qualitative Rover prejudices behind. It is more than a privilege to drive it.


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  1. Dear Berndt Roelvink, How nice that I see something of you here, I am still interested in cars
    I am now working on my 5th MG. Now a modern type MG.TF from 2004, Fire Frost Red
    Bought from the first owner and a VERY low mileage. Beautiful Car
    Rover is very interesting to me. what I see, some of them have a very high mileage
    My preference is for a Bordeaux red car Manual transmission.
    I also saw a Rover 827 all with Auto or manual transmission?
    We have to meet again, but that is not yet possible
    maybe you still have data from me, I still live in Nijmegen, alone, My wife is in 2018
    deceased, unfortunately …… Still Greetings Camille goodbye

  2. It is often said of French cars that it is quite busy and tight under the hood, but here I also see the necessary confusion. For a specialist probably ready as a piece and as a hobbyist nice tinkering😉

  3. Beautiful car. I am still the proud owner of a Rover 820 TI, an original Turbo version with original supplied Recaro seats. Standard 180 or 200 HP. it drives a lot more efficiently than the 2.7 Honda engine. Mine is racing green. a pleasure to drive.

  4. Sometime in 2002 I quickly needed a cheap car, had to be big and not ordinary. So it became an 827 out of 94 or 95 I think. Paid 1.250 euros. Wonderful car, super driven. Only problem were the electric windows, it was due to a cracked printed circuit board, something that bothered many. A few years later exchanged for a Land Rover Discovery V8, then I understood how economical the 827 actually was.

  5. The Legend 2.7i for the European market was also built at Rover in GB, the quality of the assembly left a lot to be desired from time to time, so we received a car for the Dutch importer, who did not want to run on all cylinders! After days of searching we came to the discovery that due to the lack of a 2,7i version wiring harness only one of a 2,5i has been installed, there was also water leakage on the windscreen, the cause of which I had already had during an earlier visit to the Rover factory in England noticed, during the tea breaks the tire was simply stopped with the kit on the groove ... ... you can guess the rest, then the reliability also left to be desired in other areas due to the mandatory use of a high percentage of European components on automobiles produced in Europe, at one point Honda had to put a line under that English “experiment”.

  6. Beautiful classic, I have had the Honda legend coupe 2.7.
    And later the rover 825, which unfortunately no longer contained the Honda engine, but the rover kv6 engine.
    Gr Bert

  7. Remember the time when we saw stickers on the traffic lights with a text along the lines of: "Copying the Japanese." Now, so many years later, I wonder: who in Europe and the US is able to copy them ?! It is not just that Toyota has been the number one uno in reliability for years.

  8. I had the pleasure of driving the original when they were new, the Honda Legend sedan and coupe.
    Unparalleled cars.
    Searched for such a car for years and eventually drove Nissan Maxima for 10 years.
    Also good, but not of Honda quality.
    And the Rover, great car.
    Thanks to Honda.

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