Rover 90 (1959)… the car of the notary

Robber 90 (1959)
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The classic shapes and exclusive appearance prompted a notary in Antwerp to purchase a new Rover 90. It had to be transported in style every day to impress. And thus also to indicate that money played no role. Wealth is a public spectacle that pleases the eyes. From the stories of the second owners it was recorded that the notary had a regular private driver who not only had to be impeccably dressed - in uniform - but also had to take care of transport on time. Its place in the Rover 90? Behind the driver's back on the real leather red back seat. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

After his working life at the notary, the Rover 90 came into a collection of two brothers, living in a large country house in Belgium with a driveway. Completely matching with the other British Style cars in the shed, where five Rovers in various versions and eight Jaguars - also all in different versions - were showing off. 

Sales to the Netherlands 

The beauty of the Rover 90 remained, but it was still offered via the Internet. The reason later turned out, that there were already a number of black Rovers in their possession, and that they needed the necessary maintenance. Especially with regard to the brakes. Moreover, they wanted to limit the collection. In 2013 the Rover 90 moved to the Netherlands, where the current owner Jan checked it completely technically, and fitted new brakes and tires. Ready again for years of classic fun. 

MOT free 

Because Jan is now going to make room for a whole new project, the search for a new owner has started. The Brit is in excellent and original condition. The red leather interior still smells like new. Even the cigar smoke from the notary is no longer noticeable. In short, the hope is that the Rover 90 can continue its way in the Netherlands. Thanks to the internet, the supply and demand is international and unfortunately many fine classics find their new (car) life abroad. The future of this beautiful - now 61 year old - Rover 90 is still in the dark for a while. 

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  1. Nice article, although the description "in excellent condition" and "technically completely checked" do not correspond to reality: the car shows quite a few more or less hidden defects.
    I should know because I have been the new owner of this Rover 90 since the beginning of November, after it had been for sale at two dealers.
    The last dealer added a copy of this article “The car of the notary” to the purchase, although as a very experienced classic seller he will certainly have known that this beautiful flag did not completely cover the cargo….

    Nevertheless, I will keep the Rover and try to really get it in “very good and original condition”!

    Now my request: would you please send me the AMKlassiek magazine with the above article? Of course I am willing to pay the costs for this….

    Thanks in advance!

    • Dear Erik, congratulations on the purchase. Feel free to let us know when he's ready, that's always nice. Too bad that the car still has some hidden flaws.

      The article was only for the website. It has therefore not been in AMK.

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