Biezen (or not to rushes'. That is the question)

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Pulling rushes is a breeze. I've seen people do it at an emergency pace, and freehand. Open heart surgery is also a cinch. You only have to cut some and there are a lot of helpers around you.

But it is all beautiful a matter of professionalism and experience

So far my trim has been so far below par that I'm leaving open heart surgery alone for a while. Despite the fact that there is quite a bit to do in that field because all kinds of heart and cancer patients are now simply put to the test because the ICU beds… Well, you'll just be an anti-vaxer. Before you know it, you're in a discussion you don't want. So rush.

So it's not going to be that freehand drawing for him

Not only because of the necessary flexible wrist, steady hand and a carpenter's eye. By the way, pulling rushes was done by women in Germany and Russia. That bulrush problem has been going on for a while and is back. There are craftsmen such as Theo Terwel who can still get around – or hands – with such a sable-hair drag brush. But Theo's quality standard starts with 'perfection'. And that was not what I was looking for in my Chang Jiang project. The fact that we have seen very original BMW trim that is far from perfect, aside from that, there have also been whole discussions about it. Between the past and a little later you could buy piping tape in all colors and widths at any auto shop. Those days are completely over for unknown reasons. A call within the circle of friends learned that there were still a few men who had a few meters left. Somewhere.

I wanted to save them the search

Then help came from an unexpected quarter. My Lief had bought 'chalk markers' for something textile-like. Highlighters that drew an approx. 4 mm wide, well-covering, matte white stripe. The result didn't seem very weatherproof to me, so I sprayed it off with clear acrylic lacquer. This led to a blurring of the line and that gave a very nice patina effect. But it wasn't what I was looking for. But if there are marker pens in all colors? That deserves attention. The Internet, which you hear so much about these days, brought a solution. That's how I ended up digitally at 123ink. There—and no doubt elsewhere—they had white, opaque, weatherproof markers with an acrylic-based refill.

A golden tip without too much choice from the bandwidth

Typex correction tape. The stuff to paste over type multiples so you can type brand new things on the new virgin white. As a band, it works well. But the result must be fixed with a clear coat.

Pure gold!

From Zeist, goldsmith teacher/old motorcycle enthusiast Ben van Helden came up with an even nicer solution: stick two (stanley) blades together with just a little bit of the desired border width. Then you have a two-bladed blade. Place fraying-free painter's tape where the trim should be. You cut your trim and pull it away between the remaining tape. Then you can color the cut strip with any brush and lacquer as desired. Wait until the paint stops running. Remove the rest of the tape as well. And hop! There you have a very neat to perfect trim. Thanks to all contributors and tipsters.

Distance block for an instant steady hand
So with Typex…


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  1. A long time ago, I was on an excursion to the Raleigh bicycle factory (Nottingham 1965), where in addition to the Raleigh brand, Rudge, BSA and of course the SA hubs were made. During the final assembly a bunch of old ladies (but at that age you can easily think of everyone old) at an unbelievably fast pace, with tassels, drawing dead straight lines on the bicycle frames.
    All that Nottingham shit is all in the Far East now.

  2. About 35 years ago my brother did that on a BMW R35 (still in his possession with the then applied piping) with an aperaatje in which you could put wheels of different thicknesses. Consisted of a plastic tube into which the paint went. This was dosed on the wheel and that gave beautiful lines. First glued a cardboard guide on the tank and other large surfaces to be able to follow. Don't know if such a thing still exists.

    • I heard that friend Theo Terwel also has such a thing lying around. As long as you draw 'flat' lines it seems to go well. But if the wheel doesn't carry over its full width, it quickly becomes messy, I heard

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