SAAB 96 (1963): Friendship for life

SAAB 96 (1963)
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For Sjoerd Helbig it was by no means a sad sight when his Saab 96 saw sunlight again for the first time after more than 35 years. The introduction to his first Saab goes back to his youth when the spark broke and he became addicted to Saab. He drove some of his favorite model 96 and made an exception once for a Saab 99. The feat of design and technology can still charm him - even in this condition. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Sometimes a wheel can roll strange. Sjoerd first had other priorities and the Saab was placed in various places (in peace and rust) in various garages. In which the property faded into the background. A farm had to be renovated, after which a B&B (Claerkamp) was created, which he operates together with his wife Matsje near Rinsumageest. In addition, there were many activities in the museum on his yard of the Claerkamp Monastery. In short, too busy a life to start a second life for the tough Swede. 

Style and character 

The Saab 96 is now back in the shed and plans can be made for the future of the still-sought-after classic. Because let's face it, every person, even if he's not a car fanatic, loves old cars like this Saab 96, which has more style and character, and more personality than modern cars. Fortunately, he did not say goodbye to his Swedish friend. No, in fact, thanks to a donor car, he has all the parts needed to get his JU-94-37 back on the road. 


Sjoerd went back in his mind to the time when he bought the Saab 96 from the second owner: “Driving this Saab was a pleasure. It drove smoothly, it is an extremely beautiful car with a sporty character. Whatever angle you look at the car from, it remains a graceful car. ” You may not be able to imagine looking at the photos now, but the possession still satisfies him. Friends for life? The possession of more than 35 years is proof. Is Sjoerd going to pleasantly surprise us - now as a fresh retiree - with a new life for this Swedish quality product?

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SAAB 96 (1963)
SAAB 96 (1963)

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