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There classics purchasing (copy)

The classic of Sweden is sometimes said, but we think that the beautiful stylish and now rare convertible also deserves that predicate in the Netherlands. We encountered this extremely tempting form of transport on the Wadden diamond Ameland with Hillie (Rob's wife) behind the wheel. Rob turned out to be a car pamperer who, together with his wife Hillie, has the necessary outdoor fun with the Saab Convertible 900 Turbo. 

Rob: “Driving with a convertible, and certainly on our island Ameland, gives a certain charm that is difficult to describe. You have to experience it. I like the classic lines and this one is very beautiful. Perhaps understandable because he has been in the rest position for many years. It was purchased in America in 1988 and came to the Netherlands in 1999, after which it was kept in a shed until 2015 with the then owner 'Dokter Hans' in Marsum, Friesland. We bought it from this family and after the necessary adjustments had it inspected at the RDW, where its new life was continued on Ameland in 2016.” 

Passion with Rob? 

The passion for classics is clearly present in Rob. In addition to this Saab Convertible, there is also a PGO Speedster shining in his garage. It just feels right to him and something needs to be done about it. He is guided by joy and possession and is 'driven' by a fantastic sense of pleasure. 

Saab exclusive? 

Saab is considered an exclusive car for many motorists, but Saab itself thinks very differently. They even object to being seen that way. They don't want exclusivity to be associated with expensive, or with extravagant design. Saab is what every car should be: Solid, safe and a minimum of maintenance, which benefits driving comfort and fun. Conclusion: Due to its solidity, safety and driving comfort, the Saab Convertible 900 Turbo is considered an ideal car. In any case, we will come back to Rob again for his PGO Speedster. And you will undoubtedly see it here in due course. 

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  1. The blue plates are distinctive and fit well with the white Saab with black roof.
    Yellow plates should never have been fed. Ugly color on cars!

      • No, this is not official. it will be exchanged for a yellow one with every MOT.
        Cars from 1-1-1978 may only carry yellow plates.
        My Capri was from January 1978, she was just born 3 weeks late for a blue plate.

    • Everyone should know what he is doing but really don't understand that from the license plate. Okay, if you have a beetle or a duck or any other car that originated well before 1978 and was built after that, I can understand if you prefer a blue plate, even if you can't.
      But the Saab 900 convertible was never delivered with blue plates.

  2. Nice, this article. I myself have 495.000 km of experience with my 1988 900 sedan (since 1988) and from 2014 I also have a 1988 900 turbo convertible.
    They are indeed very solid cars where a number of things are doubled (double V-belt, double taillights, etc..
    The first exhaust has lasted 350.000 km, the first clutch 370.000, the gearbox started to sing with 460.000 km (after revision)
    Furthermore, never needed the roadside assistance and the maintenance costs are low compared to a new car.
    Great cars, only they lasted way too long, so Saab is now bankrupt.

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