Sanglas at the motorcycle fair or not?

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To the motorcycle fair or not? This weekend it is again the official opening of the motorcycle season in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. And whether we, as classic fans, have anything to look for there?

The classics of tomorrow?

Modern motorcycles can only be estimated in terms of 'the classics of tomorrow'. It won't be him. Because the machines up to 200 hp and a whole army of digital cousins ​​to control that capacity are not made for the future. The question is whether in 15 years there will still be electronic components or any other component available for all those toys.

Modern motor scooters are practical and everything has been said. You use them up and throw them away. The new trend towards caferacers and scramblers is also only marketer speech. But hey: It sells. The entire retro golf has indeed created a new generation of nice, affordable motorbikes. Engines with generally friendly retro look. Even as a classic enthusiast you don't have to be ashamed of yourself on a MASH.

But when you compare that with the massive elegance and massiveness of the Sanglas 500 S2 as it appears in the March issue of AMK ... Then all that modern stuff is a bit sad ...

Sanglas was once a top brand in Spain and mainly supplied to the governments.

The brand was founded in 1942 by the brothers Martin and Javier Sanglas and for a long time built single cylinders from 248 to 499 cc with their own block engines. In 1960, the company moved to Hospitalet de Llobregat, where an 1962 cc, 295cc, 350 cc head valve was produced from 423. In 1978, after Yamaha had bought into the European market through Sanglas, there was also a model with a Yamaha -400 cc two-cylinder engine.

In 1981, Yamaha completely took over the company and shortly thereafter the name Sanglas disappeared.

Not many were sold outside of Spain. The brand was sold from 1972 in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg by De Bruin Motoren in Driebruggen. That was not a success. There were three of the same Sanglases in the Driebruggen showroom for years. Many years later, they popped up during ... Motor Fair in Utrecht. So maybe it is handy to do a day trip to Utrecht. If only because of the range of motorcycle clothing and helmets. There is often very cheap stuff from that segment offered in Utrecht.

Oh yes: In Spain there is another Club Sanglas Catalunya. And in Germany there is something similar. But first buy AMK number 3. Then you can read in if you go to Utrecht by train.


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