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The last classic truck trip? I made it when Jan Tinga still had his Scania 142 'nose' as a car transporter. That giant had to go because of the Euro emission regulations. But a classic truck as a hobby vehicle? Well… They are often quite the size and not very useful.

Size does matter

And before you have one, you are usually a lot further. Because in the classic truck world there are considerably fewer chances that you will find a beautifully preserved or restored copy. We only know the Bol company that restores classic trucks. So as an enthusiast you should preferably have the space, the skill and the passion to allow such a lived foundling to be reborn. But if you have met those preconditions, then you also have something. For example, a company car that really attracts attention.

Scania: a Dutch product

Scania is a leading manufacturer of heavy commercial vehicles, buses and industrial and marine engines. In the Netherlands, the Scania organization now has approximately 3.000 employees spread over the factories in Zwolle and Meppel and 40 sales and service branches throughout the Netherlands. The factory in Zwolle is the largest Scania factory in the world. The company has approximately 50.000 employees worldwide, has several factories in Europe and Latin America and is represented in more than 100 countries. Together with DAF trucks, we therefore have two proud 'Dutch' truck manufacturers.

Entrance Jelle Blom

Jelle 'is' Classic Cars Heerde and he heard about 'just a Scania like his grandfather had'. The narrator was kind of half-heartedly interested in the car and wanted to give no more than a vague indication of where the Scania had been parked somewhere twenty-thirty years ago. After half a year later that spokesman still hadn't bought the Scania. And he still wouldn't say where he stood. Jelle made the estimate that someone who thought about buying something for more than six months was not a really serious buyer. So he didn't feel burdened to visit the 80 Scania L1969.

Jelle did this search in a very modern way

He knew a nice indication of the location. He crawled behind his keyboard and clicked on Google Earth. Those satellite photos are not very up to date. But the Scania L80 had been outside for a while. In a horse box. Somewhere near the Apenheul. It could be seen in the satellite photos. Then it got easy. A tree grew right through the chassis. The sheet metal - this L80 was one of the first with a Steel factory cab - was in terrible condition. The Scania got wind in the tires and was made running - and braking. The block was spotlessly clean and fine internally. The history of the Scania was now also fully known and that only made the story more fun. The Scania belonged to Rein de Jong's fleet, and that was a very large player at the time with up to 100 trucks. Jelle decided to restore the 'nose' to its former glory.

As long as the brakes work

After that, some 1500 test kilometers followed in the blow-through cabin to prove that the technology was in order. A donor Scania came. The sleeves were rolled up seriously. Then there was a lot of grinding and welding and just as much cosmetic attention.

Meanwhile, the L80 of Jelle and his team is almost ready. There are still quite a few hours waiting to be usefully spent, but then Jelle has an impressive display on wheels for his company. And the appointment for a test drive has already been made. So to be continued ...

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  1. Early on I wanted to become a truck driver, I never lost the attention for these mastodons. So the introductory photo brought tears to my eyes. But with heroism this Scania (is this a Vabis, by the way?) Rises from its rust. Magnificent!!

  2. In another respect, the restoration is also to be welcomed; the name Rein de Jong has disappeared from the scene a few years ago and in this way the history of that company is somewhat revived. At its peak, they had 75 vehicles in the fleet.

  3. Where has the Zandbergen collection gone? Was in the mid-80s in Meppel opposite the Scania factory, is now partly in Euromaster.
    Years later, with a tourist from the Oude Tractor and Motor Association, we saw the Zandbergen collection in IJhorst.
    Later I had contact with Zandbergen from the organization of Havendagen Vollenhove ...

  4. Beautiful model and indeed rare, although my favorites remain the Bedford RL and the MAN 630, which were chiselled into my childhood memory as army vehicles.
    As a classic car enthusiast it is a superlative more difficult to save a colossus from destruction, but it is just a bit easier than, for example, a train set.
    Besides trucks, buses from the 50s and 60s are also very rare. Unfortunately, not a single copy of most models has been preserved, many models can no longer be found on the photo.

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