House of Representatives heralds the end of municipal environmental zones

Environmental zones
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The House of Representatives has today cut down the municipal environmental zones. A VVD motion was adopted in the Lower House this evening stating that municipalities are not allowed to set up environmental zones for passenger cars. The motion was supported by the SP, the PVV and the CDA.

In the motion - filed by Barbara Visser - clear language was used. The environmental zones were called 'heavy guns', which are primarily a burden for citizens and entrepreneurs. That is why the government is requested to abolish the basis for establishing municipal environmental zones for passenger cars in the traffic regulations. For zones that are not permitted, the zones will continue to apply.

From the outset much uncertainty
In Utrecht, for example, this year the environmental zone came into effect for cars with a date of first registration before 1 January 2001. From the outset, there was a great deal of uncertainty in terms of communication, and the practical implementation of the zone also involved many problems, both in terms of area and in the area of ​​exceptions. In addition, the municipality of Utrecht invested a lot of money in a scrapping scheme. In the meantime, there were only a few places where the effect on air quality was measured.

Rijk committed millions to Rotterdam in November
The environmental zone is imminent in Rotterdam. From January 1 onwards, delivery vans and passenger cars powered by petrol and LPG with a date 1e approval from before 1 January 1992 cannot enter the zone. For diesel-powered vehicles, a ban applies to delivery vans and passenger cars with a date 1e admission of 1 January 2001. A salient detail is that the government promised millions last month for the introduction of the zone. Those funds can most likely be reserved for other purposes.

VVD MP Barbara Visser submitted a motion against the environmental zones. He was adopted by a majority in the Lower House. Image: VVD
VVD MP Barbara Visser submitted a motion against the environmental zones. He was adopted by a majority in the Lower House. Image: VVD

KNAC important for insight into problems
From the outset, the Koninklijke Nederlandse Automobielclub has been strongly opposed to the environmental zone in Utrecht. The problems surrounding the inadequate introduction of the local environmental zone in Utrecht and its lack of usefulness were put on the national map. In June, the KNAC saw with sorrow that the preliminary relief judge indicated that the environmental zone should not be banned. An appeal was lodged in which no judgment has yet been given.

"Double payment by motorists is not about anything"
The VVD has also not been in favor of the environmental zones for some time. Member of the Liberal Party's MP Barbara Visser submitted the motion and explained in Nieuwsuur why she is opposed to these zones. “Motorists pay a lot of taxes but they are not allowed in the environmental zone. That's strange. That is why we should not surrender ourselves to well-meaning and hobbying aldermen who want motorists to pay twice as much. "Previously, she indicated that" there must be an end to the "motor bullying". She noted that owners of a more polluting car are already paying extra. “And because of the maze of signs, nobody understands it. Moreover, the air in the Netherlands has never been as clean as it is now. ”

Environmental defense shocked
Milieudefensie was not happy. In a response they called the decision "unimaginable" and indicated that the government "is not doing anything to improve air quality" and that people who "just bought a clean car are in their shirt". It is precisely this "clean" car that was supported by Vadertje Staat in the past year with millions of subsidies. It is also stated that the German inner cities - wherever those zones were established - have become cleaner, but that effect has never been demonstrated.

The Lower House has opted for clarity and direction. It wants to say goodbye to the decentralized patchwork quilt of measures that have been taken with regard to the motorist in a responsible manner. The lack of clarity of environmental zoning was a striking example of this.


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  1. just want to lose me gal have an order bus 2000 diesel with particle filter the bus meets all standards also according to MOT emissions everything is good otherwise word that is not approved equal hunted costs must buy another bus am itself a small entrepreneur have no money for you are happy with a new bus if that is going to apply to the entire country. but people who live along the highway must then leave the house or are you going to move highway well I didn't think so

  2. In Rotterdam, the ban does not apply if there is a catalytic converter under the car.First I received the infamous letter that my 23 year old Ford Escort RS2000 was not allowed into the city I could use a scrapping scheme, not my passion is currently suspended and is being restored. A few weeks ago you received the letter “your car is cleaner than expected”, then you wonder what the hell is they doing. There are people who have sold their great love because of the first letter, you will hear later your car is allowed to enter the environmental zone.
    They have gone crazy the ladies gentlemen goat wool socks wearers in the town is purely for money not for environment, strange if your car is not allowed in, you with a dispensation of I thought something of € 35, - per day or the notorious zone in mag..Data work

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