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From 28 to 30 October 2016 hosts the second edition of CLASSICSNL at the WTC Expo Leeuwarden. It takes another six weeks before the starting signal is given. Nevertheless, the organization can already conclude that the stock market has grown. It is considerably larger than the successful debut edition of 2015.

Those in charge link a high degree of ambition to the CLASSICSNL fair. They are more than satisfied with the positive development and growth that the second edition is showing. Stock market manager Pieter Fokkema is happy to explain. “For the second edition, we can welcome a larger and more varied range of cars and participants. That the 35% fair has grown means that it is only becoming more attractive for visitors. We are therefore convinced that the number of visitors for the second edition will grow with the size of the exhibition. In this way we ensure that the fair is increasingly on the agenda of the classic, loving Netherlands and beyond ”.

High-quality design

At the WTC Expo, the halls are filled with high-quality commercial offers. Classics for exhibition purposes and many industry-oriented activities will also be presented to the public. The specific, high-quality style of CLASSICSNL will be used in the same way for the second edition as in the first edition. Because CLASSICSNL is once again focusing on a varied range of classics that are in a state from good to competition. "

100 year BMW

The main theme of CLASSICSNL 2016 is devoted to the centenary of BMW. In collaboration with the BMW Classic Car Club, a special interpretation will be given to the 100 anniversary and 15 icons from the impressive model history of the Bavarian brand will liven up the central theme square. The BMW 507 - the legendary design by Graf Koertz - and the BMW 326 are just a small selection of the classics from Munich that will make their appearance in Leeuwarden. Another appealing theme is colored in by the 70 anniversary of the Wegenwacht. Illustrious Wegenwacht cars from earlier times will be presented on this spaciously designed theme square.

Available exhibition space as good as filled in

A selection of participants has now registered for the second edition of CLASSICSNL. The available floor area for the exhibition is therefore almost complete. Parties who still want to participate would do well to report soon, so as to be assured of stand space at the fair. CLASSICSNL is going to be a wonderful event for everyone who loves beautiful classics and beautiful youngtimers. The video and photo impression of 2015 on the CLASSICSNL website, you can see what kind of atmosphere the visitor and participant can count on this year. It will be a high-quality happening, that much is certain.


Ticket sales have now started for visitors. In the online presale, an admission ticket is an entirely acceptable € 11,50. Tickets can be ordered via the website


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