Second edition Waregem Oldtimer Event has started

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Today the kick-off of the second edition of the Waregem Oldtimer Event took place. After a successful start in 2015, the organization is now ready for the continuation. After today, fans and candidates can also enjoy themselves at 3 December and 4 December at the Waregem Expo.

Among other things, the event focuses on milestones in motorsport and the history of the car. The main focus of the Waregem Expo event will be on the sale of exclusive cars. Automotive art, vintage furniture and automobilia are also available to the visitor. The organization will exhibit the range again within a retro framework where the love for the automobile is central.

Special classics

During the first edition of 2015, visitors were allowed to greet a number of absolute highlights. This year, the interested people will again find some beautiful classics. We mention a few examples from the rich offer. The exhibition, intended for buying and selling, includes a phenomenal Chevrolet Corvette C1 from 1957, an Alfa Romeo Montreal and a Porsche 911 Speedster. Visitors to InterClassics in Brussels will no doubt be delighted with the arrival of Historic Competion Services, which is coming to Waregem Expo with the tip of the classic salmon. They include the Bentley Blower 4,5 liter from 1928, which, just like in Brussels, will again receive a lot of interest. The Frazer Nash Le Mans, Boulogne and the Jaguar C-Type will also appeal to the historical imagination.

Many professional offers

Furthermore, other professional classic companies are of course also present with an offer that is at least interesting. The big German three, Porsche, the British and the Italians are rich again. The organization has indicated that it wants to continue the line of last year. For that reason too, the second Waregem Oldtimer Event - together with the varied selection - is more than worth the visit.

Opening hours

The composition of the Waregem Oldtimer Event promises a lot to those who are planning to visit the West-Flemish city with a visit. The event is open until 22.00 hours today. During the weekend, the public is welcome between 10.00 hours and 19.00 hours on Zuiderlaan 20 in Waregem. The city between Ghent and Lille / Lille is easily accessible by train and car (take the 5 "Waregem" exit on the E17).

You can find more information about this exhibition in West Flanders on the Facebookpagina from the organization. You can also click on the website rightly so.

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