Coalition parties House of Representatives reject motions for modified old-timer scheme

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The House of Representatives has rejected the motions regarding an adjusted transitional arrangement for old-timers. On October 12, Ronald van Vliet and Tony van Dijck submitted motions for expanding the transitional arrangement. They indicated that it would be desirable to have old-timers on Diesel and LPG also make use of the transitional arrangement. The motions were a result of the treatment of the disappointing revenues from the current old-timer measure.

State Secretary Eric Wiebes admitted on 12 October during the initiative paper consultations initiated by Pieter Omtzigt that the estimates were not carefully made. He also indicated that his own department had failed to function properly, partly due to a large workload. The fact brought about cautious optimism among the supporters. And it forced the opposition, among other things, to submit the motions for extending the transitional arrangement. But both the PvdA and the VVD rejected the motions of Van Vliet and Van Dijck. Incidentally, those proposals were co-submitted by Farshad Bashir of the SP and CDA MP Martijn van Helvert. Incidentally, Eric Wiebes of Finance already responded by saying "to discourage the motions." He also indicated that he had serious doubts about adjusting the scheme.

More than two weeks ago motions for the extension of the transitional arrangement were submitted during the consideration of the own-initiative memorandum. Today the coalition parties rejected this unanimously. Image: Erik van Putten
More than two weeks ago, during the treatment of the disappointing old-timer revenues, motions for the extension of the transitional arrangement were submitted. Today the coalition parties rejected this unanimously. Image: Erik van Putten

Coalition ranks closed
The government parties in the House of Representatives also proved to be insensitive to the motions. In addition, the argumentation that CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt brought in on 12 September ("we already have the coverage. Just increase the addition for Plug-In hybrids early") did not touch the sensitive chord. In any case, it is clear that the PvdA and VVD want to keep their ranks closed. An extension of the transitional arrangement is not desirable from an environmental point of view - at least as far as the diesels are concerned.

Time for a revenue / expenditure balance
In this way, everything will remain the same for the time being. The proportionality principles still do not count for the coalition parties. Neither is the proportionally minimal number of kilometers driven by old-time diesel engines and LPG cars. The revenue side of the old-timer scheme is already disappointing. But it is at least as dubious that no expenditure has ever been published, let alone examined, on the expenditure side. So the total result has never been discussed. The positive effects for all parties of the much more uniform Amendment van Vliet are also not taken into account. Let alone the commitments already made in The Hague from 2013 to introduce a transitional arrangement for petrol, diesel and LPG vehicles.

Well the flowers, not the points
The prestige is apparently more important within the coalition parties. And that is why the only correct conclusion is justified. The fact is that for the time being State Secretary Wiebes gave the old-timer supporters a bunch of flowers. But the points will remain in their own pocket for the time being. The rejections of the motions tell why it is doubtful whether Eric Wiebes really took the figures from Car Interests seriously.



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    • idd! this is only about limiting damage to their financial mismanagement, because they grab what they can and then hold on tight otherwise they will fall completely under the basket! if they admit they will lose money somewhere else that they initially did not have because they have fantasized together a revenue.

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