semi-classic: the Westfield Cup

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Photo 1: Ivan Kok, photo 2, 3 & 4: Margo van Toor.LEYTON HOUSE WESTFIELD CUP, EVENT 3.


Text: Ivan Kok - Wehl, 13 June 2016



The third event of the Leyton House Westfield Cup 2016 has become a victory for Willem Vriend. MB Motorsport also took second place with Lex Peters and Daniël Sandifort in third place in the event made possible by Assmann Office Furniture.

semi-classic: the Westfield CupIn consultation with the DNRT, the Rijdersvereniging decided not to hold free training anymore and to exchange it for an extra race. The time training was interrupted halfway through the session by a nasty accident by Rainer von Klier. Fortunately the sympathetic German remained unharmed, but his event was over. Willem Vriend set the fastest time for Daniël Sandifort and Lex Peters.

Friend cashed in his Pole Position by taking the head start. Lex Peters was able to follow him for a long time, but at the finish the lead was 8 seconds. The fight of the race was between Daniel Sandifort and Jarno Iprenburg for place three, settled by Sandifort in his favor. Max Boodie, Hans Wellink and Ronald Lenters finished within seconds of each other within 0,2.

semi-classic: the Westfield CupIn the second race of the day, Peters grabbed the head start and then spent a full fight with Vriend, with Daniël Sandifort retaining the connection. Only after half of the race could Vriend make a hole and Jan Frensch joined in the fight for place two. Vriend eventually seized the victory for Peters and Sandifort.

Determined not to go under again, Peters took the lead at the start and again Friend was in his wake. From the start, there was fierce fighting for the victory with an (whether or not successful) attempt to catch up between Peters and Vriend. Behind them, Daniël Sandifort and Jarno Iprenburg fought an equally exciting duel. Peters eventually won seconds for Vriend with the minute lead from 0,054. Sandifort was third.

semi-classic: the Westfield CupWith two wins and a second place, Willem Vriend took the win in the event of which the podium ceremony was made possible by ANAC Carwash. Lex Peters took the second place and with three times a third position it is Daniël Sandifort who finished the top three. With his victory, Vriend expanded his lead in the title fight. He now leads for Peters and Jarno Iprenburg.


The next event on the Leyton House Westfield Cup calendar is on 5, 6 & 7 August at Circuit Park Zandvoort.

Photo 1: Ivan Kok, photo 2, 3 & 4: Margo van Toor.

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