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Car casting
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Share 2.0

We recently talked about the famous 'sharing'. If you look at FB, you sometimes get tired of it. But there are also more realistic ways to 'share' your property.

A classic car or motorcycle makes the hero. No wonder, then, that movies and vehicles have always been inseparable. What would James Bond be without his Aston Martin? But it also works the other way around: What would Aston Martin be without James Bond? The New Kidz without their green Manta? That would also be a boring movie.

Henno van Bergeijk

Henno van Bergeijk is the man behind Car Casting Holland, a big name in the Netherlands when it comes to casting vehicles for film, TV series, commercials and photo shoots. Casting vehicles has become second nature to Henno, which makes Car Casting Holland a dynamic company that makes new discoveries every day.

Over the years, Henno van Bergeijk's love for motor vehicles has repeatedly manifested itself in new ways. Ever since childhood fascinated by everything with wheels, that love really starts to take shape when he starts tinkering with mopeds at the age of twelve. At the age of sixteen, Henno had already assembled a fleet of five cars, a large possession for a little boy. At the age of twenty he traverses the Sahara with an old container, the first in a series of many journeys. And in the meantime, his collection of vintage cars is growing.

The first steps

Through / via Henno became involved in the successful TV series 12 cities 13 accidents, which he provided with all vehicles. Casting vehicles appears to be the perfect opportunity for Henno to turn his hobby into his profession and in the following years he supplied many vehicles to hundreds of productions. Meanwhile Henno has ridden the famous Dakar rally twice on his classic XT500. His fleet has grown considerably and he has a network that works far beyond the national borders.

The customers

Car Casting Holland also provides cars for stunts and SFX. Or figurative cars for streets, traffic jams or busy traffic, for example. In addition, it is possible to deliver special vehicles such as ambulances or police cars. Car Casting Holland is recognized by the National Road Traffic Agency and has a ministerial exemption for the possession and use of police and police vehicles.

Registration, how does it work?

Do you have a vehicle that you are proud of? Would you like to see how things work on the set of a film or TV series? Register now and maybe your vehicle will be in the spotlight soon. Car Casting Holland uses its own vehicle file when casting vehicles.

Owners of cars, motorbikes, trucks, mopeds, vans or other types of cars can register their vehicle with us free of charge. We then try to link the wishes of our clients to a vehicle in our database.

Of course there are also a number of conditions attached to the registration. All information about that can be found on

Free with a fee

Registration is free, the reimbursement in consultation. And the classic is assured of all risks during his deployment. Whether you can drive yourself? That can be discussed. But participating in the story can be a fun experience for you and your classic.





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