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During my service, I received driving lessons from a selfish, adulterous professional corporal.
The first phenomenon emerged from the grab stock of spirits that he also massaged during driving lessons. I just had to take his word for the second. He talked about it constantly. A broad and proud arm gesture to a couple of ladies on a terrace that was passed: "I took them all!" Well: how big was Bergen op Zoom at all in class 76/5?

Disengaging was punished by a blow to the helmet with a wooden beam

Then the lesson would echo in it. Passing the incline test was inspired by the fact that the driver in training had to put his watch behind a rear wheel. After such an exercise, someone must have come up with the idea that extra flat watches should be an excellent revenue model.

Yet I have benefited enormously from that driver training. I learned to ride 'broadly' there. And that also works on the motorcycle. Because it's all applied psychology.

Driving at least on the axis of the lane, but even better against the axis of the road. Claim your asphalt even on the narrowest roads. That was the idea. And that my instructor's approach sometimes resulted in a frayed flank of the opposing party? They had to see that as tuition money. I still ride wide on the bike. Although the psychological impact of a MAN 11136 H / HA 4 × 4 approaching head-on is seriously greater than that of a motorcyclist on tour.

And then you notice that everything is based on appearance

Because even if you march tightly along the middle line at just a 250, you will see that even seasoned Scania riders are heading for the verge in front of you. If they don't, you still have the entire width of your own lane to deviate to the right. Wide driving also works on following traffic. If you're darting about in the middle of your own lane, there's a good chance that drivers will see that as an ideal situation to overtake you. Even if there is an oncoming car in the picture, of which you can see the white of its eyes. And then you only have one meter maximum to deviate to the right.

While overtaking, we motorcyclists often make the mistake of popping up from the blind spot of car mirrors. Slowly, but resolutely going to the left while not driving close to the bumper of our predecessor helps there. Take the middle of the lane on the left lane. This prevents you from being overtaken twice and gives some relief options to the left and right in case of an emergency. In case of an emergency, think that the acceleration of a modern engine often offers a better way out than making an emergency stop. Remember that for quite a few classics cannot applies. Keep in mind that we actually by definition remain invisible to motorists. And inaudible. A university study has just been completed that proved with a lot of graphs that 'loud pipes' really do not save 'lives'.

Many of those drivers, especially seniors enjoying the weekend in arthrosis-friendly pastries with a VUTrek on the back, need a gun license rather than a driver's license and the visual judgment of Stevie Wonder.

And because we are our own crumple zones, we just have to be careful. All yellow vests do not help with that. But above all: drive wide!


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  1. Immediately on my 18th I took driving lessons. this was with a military driving instructor from our KMAR barracks in Apeldoorn. we write 1968. he was a friend of my family. Arie van Leeuwen. I will never forget him. he came up with a nice big Opel record. all this in his spare time.
    I get in and: nix. -Yet! Yes but how? -you have a big mouth and you already drive in your mother's gift!
    so the car started by feeling. I used to cut the bends in the neighborhood on the left. well, I knew that. I got sick of: turn left, turn right. and only turn left at the well at the crossroads. and if I forgot not a wooden slat, but a blow to my head.
    10 lessons, passed, Thank Arie!

  2. How inefficient the army I come from Bergen op Zoom and had to go to Schaarsbergen class 74-1 for driver training, but yes you had a large driver's license for nothing.
    Luckily I did have a serious driving instructor.


  3. Oh, I have very simple rules for myself:
    1) Keep your distance. Make sure you always have room to brake and / or get away.
    2) Don't do anything suddenly. So indicate direction in time, get in the lane and change lanes.
    3) Moderate your speed. Better a minute later than not at all.

    • It is straightforward. But in fact I say that every motorcycle accident is 'your own fault'. Also the bangers that I made myself. While keeping all the fun, I assume that all fellow road users are blind and are out to kill me. Anticipation is the magic word.

  4. My hair color shows that I have already eaten more than 50% of my sandwiches.
    We can give the oldies what we want, but everyone hopes that he can grow old anyway. And hopefully with a little problematic health. That the automobile idd is the perfect 'anti-geranium drug', that may really be true. However, many lack the capacity to correctly evaluate that their driving ability has expired. Actually the point where the stigmatizing annoyance arises. Let me hope that someday I myself will do better. With that, the criticism also focuses on myself. In the meantime I have managed to keep the painted side up by always thinking along for the other. Riding the motorcycle NEVER assumed that the other will see me, let alone act upon me at all.
    It has often saved me a lot of trouble. And it was certainly not only the elderly who did not see me. Far from it even. The younger fry who tries to sit crookedly with one hand on the steering wheel in the middle of the car can also do something. The non-hands-free callers topped the list so far, along with the pleasant chatting.

  5. What do people have against seniors in the car these days?
    I think almost every generation has something.
    How many old people are stopped with “a balloon” ”?
    I think that, just like taking the motorcyclist into account (I am one myself), we also have to take into account the older road user.
    Firstly, because the auro is often the only way to get away from behind the geraniums, from the lean-to storage flat, and from mother-wife.
    Secondly, because sooner or later we ourselves will also become part of that now so criticized group.

  6. Dear Dolf,

    Thank you for the refresher course in defensive driving, which had escaped me for a while as a relative retrainer.
    Indeed this psychology worked fine with childless motorcyclists, but orphans will not understand orphans. Yet the theory is completely correct, but where once the 60 plus killer armed with pink exemption looked up your eyes for the duel, there is his or worse hair, contemporary too busy for that because the lane assist causes more confusion per kilometer than the co2 emits can compensate.

    I now have

  7. Hey Dolf,

    Be especially alert and keep enough distance, weekend is a killer for 60+ car drivers (do not turn on flashing lights when turning and just stop etc….) !!! Fuck- Your gesture makes them tremble, drive a Yamaha 350 2-stroke (RD '75 and LC YPVS '85) and certainly not aggressive, tactful (haha) with respect !!!!!!!!

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