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It's a strange time. A time of limitations and creative solutions. E&R Classics, for example, noticed that some of the customers were unable to visit the showroom in Waalwijk. Despite the fact that the showroom is open as usual. Mainly prompted by government restrictions or caution. So here too a creative solution was devised. The people of E&R now bring the showroom to your home.

That is of course virtual. The collection of old-timers and young timers consists of more than 250 cars, so a virtual tour of the showroom resulted in a professional-looking XNUMX-minute video that is now online via The video was - to a large extent - made with a drone, as if you were walking around there yourself. What Do You Think? We have watched the video ourselves and are completely up to date again. “The only difference with this online visit is that you have to provide the coffee yourself. When we can welcome you again in our showroom, we will be happy to make the coffee for you! ” This is how E&R Classics reports. 

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