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There are good reasons to go bungee jumping, synchronized swimming or sidecar riding. For example, a sidecar is useful when you want to combine your love for dogs and your passion for motorcycling. As a local sidecar driver I got to talk to Guzzi pilot Ruud who had come up with the dog bowl plan together with his Lief. sidecar driving; is that what? How much does something like that cost you?

That turned out not to be an option. A Russian side valve belongs in the row stagecoach, pull barge, Russian side valve. But a third wheel on a fat Guzzi is fine and sidecar riding is a lot of fun. Saturday shopping turns into a party. The cost story is very broad. The endearing Velorex bowls are too light and too small for two size XL dogs.

The Heelers van Goos Bos are suitable for a passenger. Doesn't matter how many legs it usually walks on. At the top of the market you talk about very serious amounts. But I was able to reassure Ruud. When, like every Russian rider, you live a marginal life, that life is always more surprising and much cheaper than that of others. You then end up in a separate universe. A universe of people who try to do as much as possible with limited resources. We all have a lot of fun with that.

The prices of Russian motorcycles, sidecars and parts are the only ones that are not crisis-prone. They are surprisingly low and remain stable at that level. In that world, Richard Bussweiler is a calm rock in the surf and Genemuiden a kind of Mecca. If he were in the regular trade he would be a hobby trader. Now he has motorcycles and parts change hands. A phone call made it clear that there were two boxes up for adoption. The sidecar in the worst condition turned out to be the best choice, according to the two calmly deliberating men.

It had some rust holes and dents. But via Ruud's network, all kinds of welding and spraying work could easily be done to achieve an optimal end result for a minimal amount of money. A Dneprframe was included in the sale as a donor for the sidecar mounting balls. “But you only have to return the front fork once.” While Ruud went pinning to adopt his project, I looked in the container next to the one from which the container had come. There was a weathered-looking Moto Guzzi. Richard's father was busy rearranging some things in the container. I have a soft spot for Guzzi's. "I don't have a father anymore, but if you were my father, what would you say if I told you I'm interested in that Guzzi?"

Busweiler senior took the matter seriously and said: “Then I would say that you just have to save some more.” See, that kind of advice, that's how you regain faith in humanity. Outside the business was done and the acquisitions could be put in the trailer. The sidecar should be two dogs wide. After that Ruud takes a course with Rob Teffer, sidecar expert in Lelystad. And in the spring everything is in order.

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  1. If two daughters arrive within 13 months, it will be tight on a solo motorcycle. Then a sidecar turns out to be a welcome addition. But when the daughter grew out of the sidecar, solo driving came back because with a sidecar you have the disadvantages of a motorcycle plus the disadvantages of a car. You sometimes get wet and you can't get through the traffic jams. and posts on the cycle path can also lead to a considerable detour. I can fully endorse what Jan says about the rear tires.

    Side-strung – column

  2. Nice sidecar riding! Especially on snowy roads, with a two-wheeler always some link. The first time – BMW R 50 with Hollandia – was blood-curdling in the wrong way. Until I first started practicing in a parking lot to experience what was happening. At Jan de Oude Monnink - where I bought the bike - they told me that shortly before someone also bought a sidecar, immediately put a lot of gas on it and then plunged into the adjacent Overijssels canal.
    In the photo a combination with R 1100 RS! That is also possible (I have such a motor .....).

  3. Driven for years with such a wonderful tricycle, again such a "I should never have sold" span. Would like to borrow or rent one for a day to let my wife experience that feeling. Maybe there will be another one in the garage 🤣

  4. Too bad I don't have room for a sidecar. Seems to me quite an experience to adjust the thing while gassing and not gassing and also not having to kick the standard under it. There seems to be little discussion about the practical value of a sidecar. Nice!

  5. Oh well, at the time a solution for those who already had a bicycle but could not afford a car yet. Or thought you could win a war with it. Something like that… After that just a hobby. And what kind! If you have enough money for new tires.

  6. I myself am trying to shovel a Junak bin with an AWO425; a bit too heavy for 12hp, but my god what a fun.
    No braking, clog on the ground and drifting through the bends…especially when it is wet and/or slippery..; what a party!
    And such a powered shopping cart lends itself perfectly to all kinds of cargo; my son, groceries, coppice, you name in.
    And yes; this one also belongs in the row of steam whistle, high bi, Don Quixote...but the fun is no less

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Citroën DS Pallas 21 (1970) by Dick Dijkstra. A source of attraction