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A sidecar combination is urgently needed for a stage performance. That is not too common.

But if you want to make your sidecar combination available for the 'Grensland' production, you will receive at least one ticket in return and there is the option of becoming an artist yourself as a driver of your own team.

If you have stage fright qualified sidecar rider is incidentally present.

The premiere is already on 18 September. You can register via and ask for Willem

And of course you can just watch the show. Culture is so much more understandable when there is a sidecar combination in the mix. And the location is a winner.

Borderland: The Performance
September 2014 is re-written at the 14 border post on the old Frisian-Groningen border.
In an exciting theater performance, in which the Frisian theater company BUOG, together with the Groningse Peerd, has to put an example of close cooperation under heavy pressure from The Hague, a pilot that should lead to a merger of the two provinces, everything is completely out of hand.

A fight against Bommen Berend that will be played out will result in the old mud throwing between the two theater groups because one wants a fresh show with motorcycle soldiers and laser guns, and the other a historic battle with gunpowder and guns. The limits are far exceeded. All old jokes and prejudices come up again.

The representative on duty from The Hague, who appears to have both Frisian and Groningen blood, chooses, in spite of heavy political pressure, for both Frisians and Groningers, after which the performance turns into a real battle.

When the envoy comes before the tribunal in The Hague after this disgrace, he has to tell his story and all images and emotions between the Frisians and the Groningers return with all their hallucinating fervor.

Script: Els Buseman

Editing and direction: Philippien Bos and Pieter Stellingwerf

Design and light: Kees Botman

Music: Robert van der Tol / Muzykpleats Atsje Lettinga

Costumes: Aafje Horst

Technology: Tjalling van der Werf Stagemaster

Players: Bas de Bruijn, Boukje van der Heide, Gert Groenewold, Henk Wierenga, Jan Krottje, Jan-Willem de Nas, Jildou Mulder, Josien Kragt, Lia Willems, Sierk Jan Schotanus, Wim de Boer, Rosa Kooi, Rolien Benedictus, Anneke Hamersma, Eke de Poel, Gerard Hoekstra, Wilma Braam, Xandra Stokkel

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