Simca 1000 Rallye 2 from 1973. Henk Visscher's green poison frog. 

Auto Motor Klassiek » Casual meetings » Simca 1000 Rallye 2 from 1973. Henk Visscher's green poison frog. 

Simca used to be one of the 4 major car brands in France, just like Citroën,Peugeot and Renault. The brand had a good reputation for its price-quality ratio and reliability. The old-timer/classic enthusiast still knows the successful series in the middle class such as the Simca Aronde and later the 1300/1500 series, all spacious and generous cars. The popular Simca 1000 in the many versions no longer had curves, but was popularly said to be a 'square box'.

By: Dirk de Jong 

This sporty version of the Simca 1000 could be admired at the classic car event in Leek. Simca built the Simca Rallye based on the 1000 from 1970, with 53 hp. Later, faster versions of the Rallye came out. The highlight was the Simca 1000 Rallye 2 (1972-1976) with 82 hp, a fantastic car with sporty aspirations that made the heart beat faster. 

Green poison frog

This beautiful and very popular Simca 1000 Rallye with the black hood, the round headlights with the round spotlights was a real eye-catcher at the event. Even when stationary among other cars, it seems super fast. Have you ever tasted the anticipation that comes with picking up a fast Simca at the Visscher museum in Buren, which you can drive around for a whole day? That is possible, in fact, in addition to this Simca, there are countless old-timers available for rental. 

Gelderland Neighbors

In Buren in Gelderland. Nice things happen there. The Visscher museum has no less than 140 old-timers and classic cars, all in beautiful condition and preserved thanks to Henk and Wim's passion for collecting. As an entrepreneur he was infected with the Simca virus from an early age, in 1962 his father was given the dealership of this strong brand. In his museum there are no less than thirty Simcas (and also Chrysler, Matra, Sunbeam and Talbot) in all kinds of versions. A visit to Schuilhuiverstraat 1 is therefore recommended. A bonus is that you can meet Henk Visscher and Wim Donkervoort to hear the stories behind the Visscher Classique collection. After all, as enthusiasts we tend to seek the company of people who have the same interest. 

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  1. My father was devastated, so when I had a driver's license and Simca 1000 in the stomach, I had three, all firewood.
    Afterwards had an NSU TT that was fun stuff

  2. Originally the 1000 was a Fiat design, intended to serve between the 850 and the 1100, but Mr. Agnelli disapproved and so it ended up with Mr. Pigotti, because Simca was, after all, once a French Fiat licensee.

    The Rallye versions I and II were a genius way to breathe new life into the car, which was quite outdated after ten years. Four-door rear-engined family cars were out of date, only Skoda and Simca continued with them. So, next to the much more modern 1100 with front-wheel drive and tailgate, the ancient 1000 remained in the showroom, now with fresh colors, smooth striping, firmer suspension, extra lamps, sporty seats, a matte black dashboard with extra instruments and worked-up "Flash" engines. The same tail difficulty that renowned car magazines found “dangerous” at Skoda was applauded as “adventurous” at Simca. Ah yes, cold war thinking.

  3. My father's first car was a "regular" Simca 1000, registration number 69-21-AH.
    Once the whole family had managed to find a place in the Simca, to do some shopping.
    On the way back he got "a rowdy, fast shower" and the gas went down and stayed there for a while. After a while, above the engine sounded: “WE ARE GOING HUNDRED NOW!!!”

  4. In the sixties I regularly rented a Simca 1000 in Utrecht. In a fast corner it dribbled with the heavier rear. In 1972 I bought a new Matra M530LX at Garage Sukkel in Hilversum. As a Simca dealer, he did not want to cheat on his customers. That's why he screwed on a neat original chromed emblem: SIMCA.
    I took that off my Matra. It is still waiting for a good destination.
    F. van den Brul 06-12351547.

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