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Father and son duo save Simca 1100 Ti

Father and son. A strong duo to breathe new life into a partially rusted Simca 1100 Ti. They found one in southern France. And the car that was waiting for them was not in the state they had hoped for. "He was beautiful in the photo, but it was dredging."

Text and photography: Max de Krijger

Son Vincent and father Willem Schippers are real key players. Father worked from his 17e at the Simca and Mercedes dealer. “The love for Simca has always remained. As a mechanic he has been looking for a while for a while Simca 1100 Ti with damage, but this never worked. The wish to someday have a Ti always remained. 

A beautiful Simca 1100 Ti?

After two years of searching it was hit. A beautiful Simca 1100 Ti was for sale and looked nice on the photo. But do not always believe what you see in the picture. The car was in poor condition, but they still made the purchase. First with the idea of ​​turning it into a donor car, but already at the height of Paris they knew: "We are going to restore the car." 

They remember the first ride in the Netherlands in unrestored condition. “The engine ran perfectly, but after a few kilometers, the cooling water from the Simca 1100 Ti began to flow faster and faster along the heater tap. So we went home quickly. " 

Dismantling everything and refurbishing everything was and is the only option for them. And they did that with passion. Every part of this Simca 1100 Ti has gone through their hands. And with extreme precision, without concessions. 

Striving for perfection

A nice detail of their way of working that can be seen well with the cross heads. All cups are in the same position. Also with the handbrake, for example, while it is no longer visible there. Perfection in optima forma. 

They also know that restoring a Simca is not without risks. Everything on the car is 40 years old and no new parts are made anymore. "There are indeed many Simcas built. But the glass remains intact and everything around it rusts away, "is their experience.

The yellow Simca 1100 Ti is now like new again. Many thumbs have already gone up during the rides they make when the weather forecasts are undoubtedly good. 

And now ready? No, it is not. The restoration of a Talbot Tagora is on the program with the Simca enthusiasts. And then an 1510. “We really couldn't let it go. A Dutch car from the first owner. He has stood still for 20 for years, with 48.000 kilometers on the clock. ”Father and son are already enjoying the idea of ​​getting stuck in this. 

Simca 1100 Ti

Simca 1100 Ti


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  1. Tres beau travail, une voiture vue personnellement. Malheureusement la base de restauration est une caisse de 1968; ce ne sera jamais une vraie SIMCA1100 TI, c'est vraiment dommage.

  2. Nice to come across something like this and to see that the restoration has been done with a lot of love. Had a 1100 LX myself, bought it with LPG in it.
    A nice cart to drive, just a shame that sheet metal left something to be desired

  3. I had a 1100 Ti in blue, had a lot of fun with it until the engine gave up with a bang, luckily I drove at a walking pace

  4. I had one in rust brown. Quality left something to be desired, but when I see these photos I have to remember my 1100 . with nostalgia

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