Simca 1301 Special (1973) Controlled chic for Rik & IJtje Jilderda 

Simca 1301 Special
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Before Rik describes his beautiful Simca 1301 Special, he first wants to go back in time to express his appreciation for Simca. As so often in hobby life, the interest arose because of the car love of his father, who in this case took over a Simca Aronde P60 from his colleague at Philips. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

To give shape to the memory of his father, he has a Simca Aronde Elysée in his garage next to this Simca 1301 Special. But there is more: His collection also consists of many models such as the Simca 1000, the 1100, 1301, 1501 series and of course the well-known brochures that are increasing in value every year. And do you wonder why there are also trains in his Simca photos? That is quickly explained: This hobby also 'spurs' him to spend a lot of time on it. 

Rik: “I bought this Simca in 2011 from a son of a garage in Lemmer. Its history is not easy to trace, but what is known is that it has had many owners throughout the country. For me it is still a family car with beneficial comfort, a car with allure. ” 

Lots of extras 

The Simca has a powerful and smooth 67 hp motor, which is designed for high speeds, but also for driving quietly. It has many extras. such as a tasteful carpet, comfortable (sleeping) seats and halogen spotlights recessed in the front, which gives it an attractive appearance. Normal today, but around the 60s / 70s there was also an electric cigarette lighter, two speeds on the windshield wiper and a rev counter. 

Mobile advertising 

Rik is convinced that his Simca 1301 Special is still a mobile advertisement for the brand. “We show a piece of automotive history when we are on the road for short rides or club gatherings.” In the Simca Club, of which he is a member, there are still many experts who can give advice on proper maintenance and solutions for technical problems. 

Lost Simca brand 

Simca is unfortunately one of the disappeared brands in the car world. Many used to find their way to the Simca dealer. They offered a very extensive range of models. Rik and his wife IJtje, together with other enthusiasts in the club, 'revive' the past. Isn't driving Simca always a party?


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  1. In 1972 my parents bought a 1301 Spécial (54-06-UX), also light blue metallic, but with a black vinyl roof, which you saw a lot in those days. later it was my brother's first car.

  2. The simca 1301 with the registration number 01-AN-16 IS in my possession for 8 years, used as a wedding car for my sister and my own marriage in 2007. Still have pictures of the car, maybe nice for the current owner. May mail to

  3. Have had 12 Simcas.
    The 1000, 1100, 1300, 1500 and 1301 special
    In 1974 I bought my first new car and that was the 1301 special for 11500 guilders.
    This car was so bad that I exchanged it for an Opel Kadett C 3 months later
    This cost 9500 guilders, but had to pay 2250, - extra
    That was a depreciation of more than 1400 guilders per month.
    I also worked as a Simca mechanic in 1 and 1966.

  4. Yes that Simca! My kindergarten teacher had it in silver! My love for cars was still developing in the early 70s, but I was (madly) in love with Miss Albus. How I hated that she didn't marry me, but an unknown guy. And then together in that Simca with, how special that I still remember, such a yellow round sticker from ARAG at the bottom left of the rear window.

  5. Yes that Simca! My kindergarten teacher had it! My love for cars was still developing, but I was (madly) in love with Miss Albus. How I hated that she didn't marry me, but an unknown guy. And then together in that Simca with, how special that I still remember, such a yellow round sticker from ARAG at the bottom left of the rear window.

  6. What a picture, a very nice color, nice grill and an original Dutch registration. My father's first car was a white Simca 1000 LS with license plate 71-16-AG. Will never forget this license plate. On the way in the Simca 1000, all license plates of other Simca 1000s were noted. However, when a 1301 or a 1501 came into view, it also received the necessary attention.

  7. I had lessons in a red 1501 Simca. My driving school had 2. That was in 1966.

    Fantastic car and just drove super comfortable. A strict car instructor.

    I never looked in the mirrors. He said stop for a moment. I did that. He grabbed my neck with 2 arms and shook me back and forth and said: if you don't look GVD again I will put you outside the car. Then I knew. Flower seed driving school in Apeldoorn. Herman Bloemzaad was the instructor. Thanks Herman, you were a Kei.

  8. I once had one from 1971 in alpine white with the original grille, which I still think is the best. Bought before Fl 1000, - with 87.000 km on the odometer and after two years after minor repairs and a set of new Michelin tires sold for Fl 1350, == and 186.000 Km on the odometer.
    At that time I had fellow students who paid me a fee. Pure profit made on a nice test car thanks to fellow students who paid for it.

  9. I think this car with its snout is super sexy (two round lights, two rectangular ones in between: otherwise not!). Sometimes in our village you also had bumper cars with about the same face and I kept looking at them mesmerized. Separate huh? If you disregard the Simca 1000; I think it's a shame that Simca no longer exists. They were often innovative and I think one of the first to have such an easy boot opening (Simca 1100). I think it's a shame that such a brand no longer exists. I also like DAF because with a little more design it would have been much nicer. It's often such silly details because let's face it: that Simca didn't look that different either. I just saw a Simca 1000 Ralley on the internet with two men wearing helmets. Just to laugh at you when you see that in 2020.

  10. What a beautiful original Simca. I have always loved it beautiful cars. My father had nothing to do with cars and did not want to shift gears, so DAF. Maybe that's why I have had about 70 cars and I don't know exactly what I really like the most. is also so much beautiful made in the 50s to 80s. Have fun with the Simca very nice piece!

  11. After a Simca 1300 a 1968 Spécial arrived at our home in 1501, so the car from the report, but with the first dashboard with tire counter, the chromed grille and the even stronger 82 hp Rush engine. That engine had no oil filter, but an oil centrifuge at the front of the engine on the crankshaft pulley that needed to be cleaned regularly. Those who neglected this risked that the endless route of the lubricating oil through the crankshaft to the camshaft would run dry, causing the valve lifters to make the well-known “castanets sound”.

    Furthermore, it was a very nice driving and reliable car. Unfortunately Simca didn't do much to prevent rust at the time. My father had him tectyled, that postponed the disaster, and you had to repeat that regularly. In the end, we did it for ten years. It wasn't the rust that fell him, but a satellite wheel in the differential that jammed with a loud bang.

  12. My first car was just as I had 2 of them were indeed luxury cars. they had a great enemy of rust. think back with pleasure.

  13. I had my driving lessons in this type of car in 1972, the driving school had 4 of these cars running, also almost the same color but dark green.
    Great car and a lot of luxury.

  14. I'm from Citroen but also have sideways Simca experiences from the years 198 *. When I didn't have a 2CV (total loss) for a while, I drove a yellow Simca 1300/1500 order with windows and invalid card. I was allowed to drive and park anywhere. Those cibie spotlights were wanted. Searching on the demolition with results: they are on my duck and on my GSA. A rev counter from the first dashboard series was in my duck. Times 2 it indicated the correct speed.

  15. My dad had 4 white 1301 training cars in 69/70, a great and smooth car to make the 1st km as a novice driver.
    There were even students who went especially for a 1301 after the training, both new and second-hand.

  16. My father even had a 1501 in the color green.
    The registration number was 10-ET-84.
    It is unimaginable that when looking at these photos that license plate suddenly comes up.
    Must be about 50 years ago.
    So the car left a huge impression on me.

  17. My grandfather had a Simca 70 in the mid-1300s. It was an extremely comfortable car that drove great. He didn't have it very long, the car was always outside and he lived 5 kilometers from the coast, you already understand the rust monster. The car was also used to drive the caravan and in that capacity has been to the South of France several times. Nice to see this car again!

  18. I bought a Simca 1995 special from the first owner in 1301. Delivery date 20/01/1970. I was 18 at the time and wanted the same car my grandfather had ever driven. For the first 2 years I drove it daily, but the dreaded rust monster came in quietly. Then got him repaired and repainted, but instead of better, they made him worse. In 2000, I put it aside in my garage, where it still sleeps under covers to this day. The engine was very willing and the gearbox (Porsche license) well spaced, but fragile in operation. Nevertheless, this 1301 bravely stood its ground in traffic. On an unlimited stretch of motorway in Europe, the speedometer pointer has quickly gone above 170. Definitely not bad for a 1300 from the 70s. The interior space and all-round visibility also deserve praise. We might wake him up someday. But now he can sleep for a while….

  19. Truly a beautiful car! Business Netherlands drove here! When you see such an original Dutch car, you immediately long for the time of that time!

  20. yes yes Nice car and also nice pictures of those trains and even nicer the original license plate,
    my father had a Simca 1000, without ignition key !! printing but, nevertheless not stolen, often went on holiday with friends, 4 pieces and luggage nice in the front, good for the road holding.

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