Six-cylinder dogs, males and their piss brand

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So. With such a head you have to attract attention

But with some explanation everything becomes clear. Six-cylinder motorcycles are prestige pieces. The Japanese, who are very sensitive to mutual authority relations, did not make six-cylinder to score huge sales numbers. The Japanese six-cylinder were what were 'masterpieces' in the guild era: The most beautiful and easily accessible. Things to show that the competition was actually less fortunate people.

The explanation about males

A dog connoisseur and enthusiast - he even drives boxers - explained it like this. Humans are mammals. Just like hinden. And dogs are man's best friend. Men and males (or let it be: females and bitches, but you have to be very careful with that. Because otherwise you are put down as unfriendly Neanderthal as a woman) are always in a race for the dominant position. That is why males urinate against trees. As high as possible. With such a piss mark they give males to their colleague to whom there is actually 'the top dog' on the dogs stray.

Six-cylinder motorcycles are something like that

They are the purest form of going to the crown stud. Six-cylinder motorcycles also make that emotionally true. But as a classic, they often have a surprisingly good price-quality ratio. Someone once spent a lot of money on it and then enjoying it and ... taking care of it. And where old Honda four-cylinder rides, thrown away or whether or not inspired were rebuilt into something that the owner thought was beautiful ... The prestigious six-seaters often remained largely preserved and original.

Never a budget affair

And if they were rebuilt, it was usually not at a bargain price. The Benelli Sei racer at Gallery Aaldering also cost. A Kawasaki Z1300 with a Mr. Turbo kit such as Six Center now offers delivered about 180 hp to the rear wheel. And that all that power was pretty pointless because developments in the field of frame construction, suspension, damping and brakes (and tires) around 1984 were not quite ready for 180 hp at the rear wheel? That was a fearful and middle-class thought.

That nice price-quality ratio

We talked about the in our opinion pleasant relationship between price and quality of the six-cylinder motorcycles. That does not mean that classic six-cylinder costs little money. But these powerhouses and prestige pieces are, despite the fact that they cost a lot of money, not expensive compared to the top pieces on the motorcycle market today. The Kawasaki Z 1300 turbo that is at our advertiser Six Center costs € 14.500. For a new BMW six-cylinder K1600, quickly tap € 30.000 after putting a few crosses in the options list.

And what to do with a machine with so much power, plastic parts and so much electronics? Then a classic six-cylinder model is a model of sober craftsmanship. Plus an investment that you don't write off on.

Little problematic

Despite the fact that the old six-cylinder never achieved huge ferry purchase numbers, the parts provision is generally good. And there are skilled enthusiasts who have focused on this type of engine that is usually so complicated that they go beyond the key skills of many of us. Moreover, the six-cylinder engine is already from the time that 100.000 km was a realistic life expectancy for a glance.

Dreams can come true

Dream away this fantastic autumn day about purchasing a classic six-seater. Start by giving suggestions to Sinterklaas. And when purchasing, only go for the most beautiful copy possible. Because parts are expensive and you run empty on a block revision. And if the block breaks down immediately after such an overhaul because the address where you blasted the block parts was forgotten to spray the grit from the oil channels? Then you are ready for antidepressants. Six-cylinder engines require reasonably furnished owners and the best professionals. But goodness they are beautiful.

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