ŠKODA 105 L (1980). The fascination for unpretentious Quiryn classics 

ŠKODA 105 L.
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Quiryn Spannenburg teaches mathematics, gives mathematics lessons and also supervises projects for students. In addition to his work as a teacher, he also has his own company in work construction applications and… restoration of old vehicles. The latter is where our interest begins. His restorations are of a high standard and as a result he has a good reputation in classic country.

By: Dirk de Jong

In addition to the restoration work, he owns his own collection of unpretentious classics. There is already a Wartburg and the ŠKODA 105 L in the photos is now his second Eastern block car. The performance of the ŠKODA is at a modest level, the four-door body has a large black grille with chrome bumpers. The ŠKODA 105 L is still an affordable classic in purchase and maintenance and can also be used every day. And that is exactly what attracts Quiryn. They are classics that you hardly see anymore, so be careful with them.

Quiryn: “I love special models and I am definitely a fan of this old Czech and my other cult car, the Wartburg. The history is partly known. It was imported from Belgium and the sticker shows the dealer from the 80s: Paul Lampe bodywork / garage in Houthulst. The first owner drove 40.000 kilometers and the ŠKODA 105 L stood still after a few years of use, after which a Dutch ŠKODA enthusiast brought the car to the Netherlands in 1996. The destination would be a Skoda museum. The owner was already a regular customer of my restoration company. When the conversation turned to the ŠKODA 105 L, a deal was struck. Not a museum, but after another 25 years of storage there is a future for the car. So I am the new (happy) owner. ” By the way, do you know why the ŠKODA says 'Favorit' instead of 105 L? Could that be a Belgian version?

Volkswagen interference

This 105 ŠKODA 1980 L was not affected by Volkswagen yet. This did not come until the 90s, when ŠKODA was able to keep up with technical progress in the automotive industry. This person over 40 is therefore far from giving in and is holding on to a new life in the Netherlands. With a little bit of attention and love that Quiryn has now given him, that new future is guaranteed.

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  1. In Belgium, these Skodas were indeed sold as “Favorit” which caused some funny situations when the new, front-wheel drive, Favorit came on the scene.

  2. It was not garage / bodywork Paul LAMPE but Paul AMPE in Houthulst
    Paul is still alive and well, his garage has been taken over by his DCHTER / garage owner and has become a Fiat dealer

  3. At the time a great car for very little money.
    My aunt had about 120 when she lived in the Ardennes. Because the engine was in the back, the front wheels sometimes lifted off the ground. As a result, the car just kept moving forward in a sharp corner, straight into the ditch.
    That is why she bought a Lada 1200, cost a little more to buy, but with the engine in the front. So no need for a bag of cement in the suitcase.
    Those were glorious times; if you needed a new car to get from A to B, and not a lot of budget, you bought a Skoda or Lada. No Google connect or WiFi in the trunk, but you also got everywhere you needed to be.

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