ŠKODA Felicia, undisputed showpiece

Skoda Felicia
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The ŠKODA Felicia was a convertible based on the Octavia and was designed by Carrozzeria Ghia in Turin. A spontaneous encounter along the way yielded this beautiful photo, in which you can see the insight into the design of the late XNUMXs. 

By: Dirk de Jong

A lacquer skin as fresh as a peach and the graceful and elegant lines make it - already - an undisputed showpiece. 

As dedicated enthusiasts we use a familiar formula, it is the search, the excitement and the pleasure of these kinds of discoveries. The ŠKODA Felicia is now an exclusive old-timer and if you have not yet met Lady Fortuna, purchasing is probably a utopia. 

Also interesting: ŠKODA's Cuto car: the 1000 MBX

But let's be honest, even at that time there were few people who could afford an expensive and luxurious convertible. The question now is: could the owner soon enjoy the unlimited view all around? Enjoy the sun? From the sounds (or smells) of nature? Or would the face radiate joy if the Skoda Felicia finished and proudly presented a place in the museum?

For the somewhat realistic set among us, this beautiful ŠKODA Felicia can serve as a storage place for the rich. After all, it can change the cost item of today into a 'cash drawer'. Money does not make people happy (we often hear it), yet we think that many of us would rather see the monetary value than the 'emotional value'. But let's not speculate. We do not know the background, so we qualify the fluke on the way to the Frisian capital as: Enviously beautiful.

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