ŠKODA with sextet in Sachsen Classic 2016

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He is considered the 'Mille Miglia of the East' - the Sachsen Classic. This year ŠKODA is sending six icons to the classic rally. The six historic ŠKODA models range from the ŠKODA 430 from 1926 to the ŠKODA FAVORIT 'Monte Carlo Rally' from 1991. The 14e edition of the Sachsen Classic starts on August 18 in Zwickau. It ends two days and about 600 kilometers later in Chemnitz. 180 teams are taking part in the rally this year.


"One of the trials of this 2016 edition of the Sachsen Classic goes through the Czech Republic, which gives us a perfect opportunity to share our ŠKODA history in part with our own public," explains Andrea Frydlová, manager of the ŠKODA Museum. “The wide variety of cars and the beautiful route make this iconic rally a special event for ŠKODA. We look forward to presenting our icons from the ŠKODA Museum and various models from private collections. ”


The coveted Felicia Cabriolet also participates in the Sachsen Classic. Image: ŠKODA
The coveted Felicia Cabriolet also participates in the Sachsen Classic. Image: ŠKODA

Popular rally car

The ŠKODA 430 from 1926 is the oldest ŠKODA classic to be launched in Saxony. As the name suggests, the car is powered by a four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 30 hp. The open ŠKODA FELICIA is a popular car in classic car rallies. The rare two-door ŠKODA 1100 MBX De Luxe from the same year also has that status.


Success number: 130 RS

The other three ŠKODAs starting in the Sachsen Classic will also be able to count on the appreciation of motorsport fans. The ŠKODA 130 RS from 1976 is a purebred rally car and also very successful in the '70 and' 80 years. In addition to rallies, the 130 RS was also very successful on the circuit. For example, in 1981 he won the European Touring Car Championship and in 1977 he triumphed in the Monte Carlo Rally in the class for cars with a cylinder capacity of up to 1.300cc.


110 R Coupé and Favorit Monte Carlo

Another milestone in ŠKODA's motorsport successes is the ŠKODA 110 R Coupé from 1978, which is also competing in the Sachsen Rally. Under the hood is an 1,1 liter engine with a capacity of 52 pk.ŠKODA's line-up is completed with a replica of the ŠKODA FAVORIT 'Monte Carlo Rally' rally car from 1991. This production year is synonymous with the 25 year-long collaboration between ŠKODA and Volkswagen in 2016.


600 kilometer rally starts today

De 14e Sachsen Classic starts today at one past twelve in the afternoon on the 'Platz der Völkerfreundschaft' in Zwickau. The kick-off is carried out with a test over approximately 125 kilometers. In total 180 teams will start this year. A beautiful and challenging rally of about 600 kilometers is waiting for them. On Friday, the participants will start a 250 kilometer-long test through the Ore Mountains, including a short 'walk' through the Czech Republic. On Saturday they reach the finish in Chemnitz after a route of approximately 230 kilometers.

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