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Mixed relationships? Even something that can have sharp edges. If a stubborn Frenchwoman enters into a connection with an ecstatic Italian? Yes, what should come of it? A Citroen SM for example.

De Citroen SM

The car is pretty. The impressive motorcycle hood swings open. And then? Chaos! Bewilderment! Under the hood of a Citroen SM looks like the styling and interpretation of the engine compartment was done by a drunk steel construction worker and a plumber with a bi-polar disorder. It used to be called 'Manic Depressive'. And what is that? Look under the hood of an SM and you will get a nice idea.

Lots of things under the hood

From the front edge of the engine compartment to a whole lot behind it - such as a not very familiar knowledge murmured “Tjemig! What a lot of things! ”And then it makes little difference whether we look at an 2,7 liter (actually 2670 cc) carburetor block or an 3 liter injection engine. overall green balls, which, depending on the wishes of the customer, contain normal LHM or high-quality blue LHM. All to make the hydraulic spring and brake system work properly.

Those things for the block are the air conditioning pump, the speed-dependent 'Diravi' power steering, An (expensive) distributor cap where (not yet replaced by electronics) double contact points and the radiator, which in practice gets so little air because its air supply is too far flows under the hood so that things really go wrong on hot days. The mounting of two large CX fans works wonders there! Furthermore, there is the rod store of the drive, the steering and things to do with the co-steering headlights. And a huge oil barrel from which all pipes come out. Plus the gearbox.

Powered by Maserati

Oh yeah; the engine block: the stunning Maserati V6 with its double overhead camshafts and three double Webers is far behind all the technical banter hiding against the SM bulkhead. Bombarded with even more things. A huge can of air filter. Cables from the two ignition coils to the distributor with its double points and the six spark plugs. In that block are distribution chains that were of poor quality in the first series. The members of the Moluccan band Massada knew that. They bought small change SMs with rattling blocks. Put the matter in order and stole the show with their SMs. That is how the Citroen Diva still a bit Rock & Roll.

Gasoline injection was a fashionable idea at the time

The Bosch injection system (from 1972) actually dated from the DS was still somewhat at Flintstone level. Much of the injected fuel left the property unburned. And Maserati engine designer Alfiery swore by the three twin Webers he'd actually imagined on his V6. We can only conclude one thing: under the hood of an SM is the most beautiful nightmare you can dream of.

But a good driving SM?
That is a beautiful, delicious, fast travel car with a spicy bite.
And what does biting then have to do with SM?

The technique

Motor Maserati V6 C114 / 1 type: 1970 carburettor; material: full aluminum; weight: 140kg; Block angle: 90 degrees; Cylinder head: 2 overhead camshafts, 2 valves per cylinder; cylinder capacity: 2670 cc; bore and stroke: .87 x 75 mm; compressive; 9: 1; valves: 2 per cylinder - exhaust sodium cooled; compression: 1 in 12; oil pressure (warm engine): 5,5 bar; max power: 170 DIN hp at 5500 rpm; maximum speed: + 6500 rpm (no limiter; idle speed: 900 - 950 rpm

Carburation: 3x double Weber DCNF; 2; consumption: 1 on 7,7 (standard consumption)

Ignition: SEV Marchal; ignition sequence: 1-6-2-5-3-4; ignition moment: 22 degrees for bdp at 2000 rpm; spark plug types: Lodge HL - Champion N9YC - Bosch W200T30; electrode distance: 0,6 to 0,7 mm; contact points: 2x Ducellier or Marchal

Content Oil: 7 liters incl. Oil filter Castrol RS or 15W40; Hydraulic system capacity: LHM 5,4 liters; cooling system capacity: 13 liters; thermostat open at: 75 ° C.

The weak points

"The combination of brands". That is of course bland.

Distribution of chains and tensioners: The chain tensioners have been of poor quality at the start. This makes the engine difficult to adjust, rattles and in the worst case the valves can hit the pistons. Remedy: every 10.000km check of the chain tensioner and adjustment of the chains. Install new modified chains (duplex), tensioner (hydraulic) and guides.

Exhaust valves: These can rust internally due to a long standstill in combination with the sodium (= salt) filling, breakage is the result. Remedy: Install stainless steel valves with bronze guides

Oil pump: The axle lock was not secure so that the key could come out of the keyway with the result that the oil pump no longer works. Remedy: modification oilpump axle, secure.

The reliability: if in good condition: excellent. In case of overdue maintenance: "deplorable".

The component supply: Moderate. But on the mend. There is a world-renowned SM specialist in the Netherlands: Cyril Sars. He even has parts made. In addition, the French provides Citroën SM Club in parts, and counterfeit parts. To purchase, you must be a member of the French club. Also the German Citroën SM club can provide a number of components. You do not have to be a member for this.

The key friendliness: For a talented person Citroen specialist with the skills of an accomplished Maserati mechanic and with fingers like tubifex: a breeze. Find someone like that if you are not yourself.

But that is not how you see it… Nice, isn't it?



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  1. If you are looking for parts then don't google on SM club.
    I think it was a block design of the person who also drew the V6 for the Laverda endurance racer.

  2. For non-HP initiates, the engine compartment looks great Citroën indeed impressive.
    Someone who has green blood no longer blinks.
    For many Citrofiles, the SM is the pinnacle in the car field, and with that Heads of State and the late Mr. Cruyff agreed.

    • I've had an SM. 'The flying carpet'. How strange, how beautiful, how terrifying. A mediocre marriage between a bad French body and a dubious Italian engine. So what do you do in such a case? You spend a fortune on modifications, upgrades and technical refinements. And you get change in the form of a torn membrane in the brand-new petrol pump: oil is diluted with petrol, no longer lubricates and all Italian bearings are calling it quits. Cut your losses (the money was long gone) and I regret forever that you no longer have a beautiful, stylish, delicious SM ...

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