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Countless jokes must have been made about that: SM as in Sadomasochism. A kick to open goal. Because the Citroëns with their Maserati engines were quite characterful. They asked the hand of very good mechanics and enthusiastic drivers. History records that the members of the Moluccan band 'Massada' were SM enthusiasts. They knew that the expensive-sounding rattle in the block was often quite harmless and bought their SMs for change. Johan Cruijff also drove one and they were there Citroën on the Amsterdam Stadionweg very happy with it.

The Uber Citroëns were invented for people with money

For people who did not save on maintenance. And a good, well-maintained SM is still a great car. You simply should not start with a less good, less carefully maintained SM.

The public saw the Citroën SM for the first time in 1970 at the Geneva Motor Show

The new model, designed by Robert Opron, was such a success that the order books were filling up nicely. However, the production of the SM did not last long. The last one rolled off the line in 1975, after nearly 13.000 copies had been made. The Citroen SM has no predecessor or successor.

The car was delivered with a V6 engine from Maserati

This was available in 2.7 liter (with 154, 170 or 178 hp) and 3.0 liter version, with 180 hp. Front-wheel drive and a six-speed gearbox ensured a perfect transmission. The braking system consisted of a hydropneumatically assisted dual circuit and four disc brakes. This supercar from Citroën however, had stiff competition. For example, Mercedes had the Mercedes-Benz W107, BMW the BMW E9 and Jaguar the Jaguar E-type.
Henri Chapron has made quite a few SM convertibles on behalf of customers. He sold these cars from 1972 under the name Mylord. It is currently estimated that four complete, authentic cars of this model still exist.

For a four-door version of the SM, there is the Opéra . model

This model was also made by Henri Chapron. The four-door entry provides extra space, which particularly benefits the passengers in the rear. Pierre Bercot, then director of Citroën, however, was not in favor of this model. This was because he already had other top limousine ideas of his own. As a very eccentric model, Henri Heuliez, director of Citroën made the Escape in 1971.

In the meantime, the value of SM's in the broadest sense has been discovered

And so it may be that the restoration of such a car is economically justifiable. Because the sales prices of perfect SM's are now such that you can save quite a few workshop hours on them. In the extremely Dutch Terborg, Cyril Sars is the man who, in his sincere passion for the expensive Citroëns has found a healthy revenue model. He maintains, repairs and restores SMs for customers from all over the world and has himself remade and even 'unavailable' parts.

It may cost a little

How far the investment drive and passion of SM owners can go is proven by the SM project he recently took out of Germany. That find was in such a state that SM can suddenly again very clearly stand for sado-masochistic.
It won't be a job of two weeks, but this SM will be brought back to new condition. Here in the Netherlands. in Terborg.

Challenging technique



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  1. Nice weather, JC in an SM. 🙂
    The agreement with Maserati ensured that Maserati did not go under and that Citröen was in charge of “the trident”.
    “Cultural differences” ensured that the Orsi's, the family that owned the Maserati shares before, quickly took control again.

  2. I've always had a lot of admiration for people making something out of nothing.
    For some, the challenge may not be big enough.
    I wish I had half the courage and perseverance.
    Good luck building this very complex car, almost from scratch.

  3. A stuffed engine compartment full of hoses and unclear components, like this one Citroën, used to be the terror of every mechanic. But now it's all gotten even crazier. You can no longer change a bulb with a new car. And that's exactly the point.

  4. For who is still looking for 1? The owner of hotel de Rijpereilanden still has a reasonable gift in his storage. And if you end up there? You will die in the classics and oldtimers. Anything that has wheels.

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