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Audi 100 1982 1991Purchasing advice for the Audi 100 from the 44 series of 1982-1991 is available in the upcoming AMK. And that is a story we recognize a lot in.

A previous editorial Audi 100 Avant just kept on going until it suddenly died around. It was one from the years that were not yet galvanized ...

The current editorial Audi 100 1900 cc five-cylinder is one from 1983. The 'Car of the Year 1983 sticker is on the rear window. In German.

The still very nice sedan was the third or fourth car of a German pediatrician. Here in NL he was put on LPG for the wrong reasons of economy. A few valves are burning, the servo pump has started to leak, the owner has been started. The then ex-former owner had problems at work and within the family. The Audi had to leave.

Audi 100 1982 1991That turned out to be good for the price negotiations. But after the head overhaul the Audi remained, with its quite rare 1900 cc five-cylinder and Pierburg carburetor NET don't do well.

And if that had anything to do with the Pierburg carburetor mounted in these cars for only a few months?

That Pierburg carburetor seems to be a less fine example of the Audi thinking of 'Advance through technology'. The thing is, of course, one of the last generations of carburetors in car building and meaninglessly complicated, full of vacuum pots that do all sorts of sneaky things together and with an enthusiastic tendency to leak ...

Through the tam tam, smoke signals and help cry, the Audi ended up in Gendringen, a place that appears to be more than regionally famous among VAG adepts with Insoluble Problems. Often even without their knowledge because their own garage owner brings cases like that there. But with AMK you get to the sources!

Audi 100 1982 1991Freddy Evers accepted the challenge and, after a day of searching, complimented the work of his last predecessor. He had clearly not understood how such a Pierburg gem actually actually worked, but had achieved a very nice result by 'working around all problems'. For the record, Freddy Evers conjured up two more defective Pierburgs from his secret supplies and turned the three disabled gas factories into an exemplary Pierburg, and that was also the end of the weird disadvantages that the AU!

In anticipation of the purchase advice, therefore:
Audi 100s from between 1982-1991 are fantastic cars
Audi 100 1982 1991The rare 1900 cc five-pits with their aluminum block (100 kg lighter than the larger five-cylinder!) Are therefore also. Such an 1900 cc five-cylinder can only manage in such a large car because the Audi 100 streamlined very high in terms of streamline technology. That is why fifth gear is also an 'economy' gear.

With a bucket with a classic engine in the back, you really get no further than the fourth gear.

And the book Jetzt helfe ich mir selbst about these Audis is a must have.

Thanks to: www.carcompany-evers. Nl

Oh yes: this Audi has a cable-operated clutch. It broke down. The first aftermarket clutch cable had a production time. The second too. The third broke down after less than half a year.

But an acquaintance of the Brezan operator in Dieren had once had six clutch cables made for his own 1900 cc five-cylinder. He no longer had the car. But he still had four clutch cables left. He wanted to sell up to two of them. Neatly through his act of chamber de Brezan.


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  1. As the owner of an Audi 80 B4, with a somewhat slow but fairly trouble-free 2.0 injection engine, I'm already looking forward to this.

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