That's how Italians are ... The Moto Guzzi SPIII

That's how Italians are ... Beauty and imperfection
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That's how Italians are ...

Moto Guzzi stands for V twins. The bullies of engines have always had a good reputation. And that they were not always electrical, or later electronic, 100% at the time at the factory? Well, the pain points were quickly identified and resolved within the Guzzi world. Moto Guzzi connoisseur Jan K. says it smilingly: "Italians start producing and selling stuff when they find it nice enough". The buyer may continue to do the product development himself.

And then we refer to the glorious Fyra project to underline that consistent national philosophy.

The General Manager of Ansaldobreda said it with dry eyes in front of the camera: “It is the fault of the Belgians and the Dutch Railways, because they were warned that the Fyra was not allowed to drive faster than 15 km / hour with more than 20 cm snow. ”Top right? Italians think big and passionate. Detailed work is for globes and other Calvinists.

The light bulb

Because why should a burning neutral position light indicate something else that the light is still good? A gasoline meter with the warning light on to indicate that there can certainly still be between sixty meters and sixty kilometers further on the remaining fuel supply? Great right? That lack of thought often turns out to be a bit sad. For example, the Guzzisti in Mandello decided to have the SP series intended for tourist use peak in its definitive Moto Guzzi SPIII version.

The master plan was to use the fully packed and (optionally) spacious Moto Guzzi SPIII equipped with luggage space to bring the homicide to the touring division of BMW. The thick 71 pk V twin with its bare empty weight of 220 kilo could run 200 km / hour with it. With an 22 liter tank on board you immediately dream away about trans-European journeys with your Lief on the back and plenty of room for clean socks in the suitcases. NOT !. The throttle gates of the 36 mm Dell 'Ortos demanded so much torque that the right forearm of a fanatic SP rider started to resemble that of a crab.

Practical thinking is boring

The Italian designers had not taken into account that Northern Europeans are generally taller than 175 cm. Someone above the 1 meter 80 is stuck with the knees against the cockpit edge. And that Moto Guzzi SPIII owner of 180 + centimeters who went to the dating market had to abandon the somewhat rounder modeled copies of the smarter sex. Purely for practical reasons: there is not enough room for a couple of full sized Northern Europeans or Americans on the seat of the Moto Guzzi SPIII. Moreover, the shape of the buddy is also such that there is not much ventilation space left between the rider and his passenger M / V. Where more space comes naturally, that is between the tank flanks and the cockpit edges. The cockpit supports there are a wonderful example of the famous Italian: “Ai! To forget! Must also be fixed !. Fast! Think of something!"

The solution to make supports that are attached to the valve covers is just as useful as the question to the man on the ladder: “Do you have a good grip on that brush? Okay, then I will remove the ladder ”. But there is also a suitable solution for that problem.

Below the line the Moto Guzzi SPIII was not a success.

Just like the Fyra. As for its objectives: rightly so. Can you imagine how endeared we will be in about twenty years with the first Generation Norges when the factory had really forgotten that the oil levels in the block should actually have been better than after removing the fairing.

Italians? A heart-conquering people!

And they make the most beautiful motorcycles. And those Fyras will also be fine. We will just pay for it. Even if the Italians don't get it. And in twenty years everyone will laugh about it. As Europeans among each other.

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