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Harley-Davidson was once a motorcycle manufacturer

And note the line between the names. At the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company, Milwaukee, USA they are keen on that. Just like with every funny description or description - Softail, BOOM! Box infotainment Center - they state that the name in question is a registered trademark.

Harley-Davidson and turbulent times

The brand that has seen so many ups and downs blossomed into unprecedented numbers under the wings of the already legendary 'Willy G.' Davidson, the grandson of one of the founders and vice president of the Design Department. Together with some wealthy friends, he had bought back his ancestor's brand from the AMF, 'the American Machine Foundries'. At AMF, they could have bought Harley-Davidson for next to nothing because the company was struggling. Under the wings of AMF, Harley was in danger of going underwater for good.

Legendary types. And marketers

But long before that time, motorcycles were already made that are legendary, and are now completely unknown for at least 1 generation. The Knuckleheads, The Panheads, The Shovelheads, The Ironheads. These were machines that, before the marketing people ('Blockheads' for the Evo blocks) took over, got their nicknames from the buyers' circle.

Selling is in her blood

It used to be said that Indian made the better motorcycles, but that Harley had better sellers. After inspiration source Willy G. disappeared from the picture, Harley fell back on marketing instead of inspiration. The history of the brand was no longer paid homage to, but was milked out. The great thing is that Harleys became technically more modern and electronic while retaining as many classic looks as possible. After all, the market researchers had found out that that was what the customers wanted.

Technically, the (largely) air-cooled V-twin concept now runs out of emission requirements. Harley-Davidson is now focusing on Youth with 'light' Harleys made in India and is working on… An electric Harley.

We are a classic magazine.

But if I put the text on the Harley-Davidson on the Harley-Davidson® CVO ™ Road Glide ™ with BOOM! ™ BOX GTS INFOTAINMENT system read: “The new, fully developed interface offers the modern look and experience of the latest mobile devices and tablets, with unprecedented durability and numerous features specially developed for the engine. Each element is optimized for maximum interaction with the engine and connection with the world ..."Then it is wonderfully weary to me.

Total 1.0 interaction

Because I am of the generation that for "maximum interaction with the engine and connection with the world" I only need a motorcycle, my butt and a jet helmet.

That was an icon
And that was revolutionary


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  1. After reading the advertising brochure about the top model in the Harley line, I agree with you a lot. But after more than 50 years of Harley driving, I have to admit that it is no problem now to drive up and down to Verweggistan. While we used to count how many days we would be on the road, it is now about how long one of those old people wants to sit on his or her motorcycle a day. And even though mine is only ten years old, I still like those oldies the most. But the time that I could brake better with my shoe soles than with the brake pads of my 1200 side valve I prefer to leave behind in the current traffic.

    • I am happy to praise myself that I can occasionally travel with an old HD side-valve.
      It actually brakes fine, as long as you fine-tune everything, but of course it doesn't make it to modern radial brake calipers.
      That's okay, the animal comes from a bygone time when gravel, sand, mud and potholes were more the rule than the exception.
      Relax, then such an oldie will come.
      Great B-road freer

  2. As long as an electric motorcycle still costs 2 to 3,5 kilos of coal (depending on quality) per 100km of electricity ... such a thing is nothing cleaner than any other fossil fuel.
    So I will continue to drive gasoline-fired H-Ds for the time being.

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