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I drive my classic motorcycle as daily transport. And sometimes I do quite a few miles. That led to my trusty old Moto Guzzi having some deferred maintenance. And actually a bit tired.

Thick two tons is not nothing

I decided to take it easy once in a while, so I was looking for temporary replacement transport. A phone call to Goos Bos from Motoport Hengelo brought true. Goos turned out to be a friend in need. When asked if he had anything that was unsaleable and cheap, he said he had a Yamaha 600 Diversion for € 600. That red rabbit was adopted.

Now it is true that parking with my Moto Guzzi is a party. You arrive, stop, blindly kick the long jiffy and let the thing fall to the left. You can drop it immediately after the 'KLONK'.

For my first shopping expedition I pack a backpack. The Yamaha has no cases. On Callunaplein I drive onto the sidewalk, kick out the jiffy, hear the “KLONK” and drop the slender four-cylinder. The next moment I am lying under the Diversion and I hear a child ask: “Mommy, what is this gentleman doing?” The gentleman is lying for a moment wondering what happened. I caught the bike nicely on my leg and only the mirror got a knock. I scramble to my feet and put the Yamaha in its jiffy position. Go shopping. Suppress the event.

A week later I am again under the Yamaha

Next to me, the ball that is supposed to live at the end of the clutch lever bounces musically over the tiles. I think "Tjemig!" Or something like that. And wonder if I am not ready for euthanasia by now. Repetitive falling over is a shame. Except after half a bottle of Bourbon. That's why you just have to stay put.

A not unkind younger lady asks concerned if I am not injured. “Just my ego” I inform her. She smiles broadly: “Yes, that's your weak point. Your egos! Funnily enough, I usually only see guys your age on really big motorcycles. BMWs, Harleys and GoldWings…” She is a wise young woman. She has an eye for motorcycles. And men. At home I decide to test responsibly under laboratory conditions. I sit down and kick out the jiffy over and over. The problem becomes clear.

Every once in a while the jiffy “KLONK” folds out and folds back.

In all silence.

Because then he falls on a rubber.

The problem is solved.

I can live on for a while. It's on the motorcycle. No matter how good the thing is. I can't wait until the Moto Guzzi is ready again. Because you have to be able to rely on a "KLONK".

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  1. My Classic-50 also has a jiffy that collapses when lifted, highly annoying.
    Better to drop it then.
    Especially because I'm not used to it.

    Only once saw that program of the amwb, where Jochem will provide people in need with bland comments.
    The first thing I said about that bike was also "jiffy switch".
    Because they sometimes cause a problem left and right.
    But at least you can get around it (phew, what am I saying).

    And eight, a donkey generally does not strike the same stone twice.
    So we have to make the same mistake twice, otherwise we are all donkeys 😉 😀

  2. Even more annoying; jiffy's that you have to hold until the weight of the bike rests on them.
    When you point the motor upright, the object automatically collapses under spring force.
    Such thoughtful design cannot but come from a non-motorcycling motorcycle designer…
    Only one decent form of re-education course fits there; the motorcycle driving course..

    • The automatic folding jiffy is mandatory since we got the European type approval. The intention is that you cannot drive away with the jiffy unfolded. The alternative is a facility that, if you want to drive away with the jiffy unfolded, the engine switches off when a gear is engaged.
      ps: I'm just giving the statement and not saying I agree with it either.

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