South African Mini

Were you perhaps not familiar with it? An original Mini from South Africa
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Now that we have arrived in the era of the 'barn finds'interesting classics come to the surface every time. This time something very special. We already hear the Mini connoisseurs calling 'Eigenbouw'. Not so. It is a South African Mini dating back to the period when the big bosses of that time had a chance to start a production line elsewhere. In order to stimulate sales, the cash register in Great Britain is ringing enthusiastically. 

Technically almost unchanged

Often such a cart then had to be adapted to local regulations. Apart from a number of subtle changes to the exterior and interior, the Mini remained technically unchanged there. Apart from a larger air filter, an adapted one over-flow from the radiator, a cooling fin with (even) more 'blades'.

What has been changed

In some cases, the roof even went off. The South African Clubman, for example, could also be picked up as a convertible at the dealer ... The biggest change in South Africa was the 'ass'. A la Riley Elf or Wolseley Hornet. The nose really remained Mini! In slightly later versions, an engine with a larger capacity was also mounted, the interior was adapted and other badges screwed or glued onto the coach. In 1983 the curtain fell for the Mini production in South Africa; however, the Mini Moke remained in production a little longer.

For sale

The Mini shown here arrived as an 10-year-old at 1981 in Great Britain. Was imported and provided with a valid license plate. The original South African license plate plus all the history is with the cart. From new on, the little thing - finished in light gray with a cream-colored roof and red interior - has more than - demonstrably! - 50.000 kilometers on the counter. Despite the beautiful and well-maintained condition, it does require a bit of restoration before using one smile can go on a journey from ear to ear. Moreover, a Dutch license plate must be issued, but that is no point at all. The owner asked £ 6.000 for it and then it is a rather solid price ...

Were you perhaps not familiar with it? An original Mini from South Africa
The 'butt' of the little thing was found in Europe at the Wolseley Hornet and Riley Elf

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