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Special Austin Gipsy

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We recently came in contact with a special Austin Gipsy 4 × 4 SUV from 1965. Not only special because it was a left-hand drive - with odometer! - but mainly because of the bodywork!

Unfortunately, the cart has been vandalized too far ... Old Iron? We do our best to prevent this!
Unfortunately, the cart has been vandalized too far ... Old Iron? We do our best to prevent this!

The Gipsy, with which Austria's parent company British Motor Corporation in those years thought it could compete with Land-Rover, was finally available in two chassis lengths. Generally seen as a Pickup, closed order or with a linen roof. Just like the Land Rover, BMC did not bring the intended success. Despite frantic and convulsive attempts. The Dutch importer of this British fine goods, the company RS Stokvis and Sons in Rotterdam brought them to our country. And delivered them to the government, among others. In the meantime, about twenty years ago, we traced the same version as 'fire truck' once in Kraggenburg and now this one. Which was probably delivered to Staatsbosbeheer? The body structure is of Dutch origin. In addition to the extra can for the roof, the top of the doors - with hinged windows! -, a lot of wood was used and nice aluminum strips to finish the whole. A proof of craftsmanship! Who would have built this carriage? And in what numbers? Surely there must still be employees from the past who can tell us more about it? We look forward to receiving your messages. Unfortunately, the copy shown here fell victim to vandalism after an undoubtedly active life. Bit of a shame. Is economically no longer responsible to bring to life.


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    • Dear Angelo,

      I can tell you that in detail 🙂
      I bought this car about 2 years ago from a car dealer. He sold it exactly as in the photos above from the article. It only concerned the body, so without engine, gearbox, etc.
      That is exactly how I wanted it, because I had been looking for a while for such a car to put in the garden with me as toys for the children (as you sometimes see in zoos).
      No sooner said than done. Purchased a car, brought home, swept over the hedge, and then improvised. Repainted, bench boarded. And my children have a lot of fun!
      Perhaps not the answer that readers would like to hear who love classic car restoration, but in this way this vandalized car has been given a second life. I would like to upload some photos, but I don't see how.
      Greetings, Mark

  1. Hey hello this car car was in my possession for over 30 years, .. I bought it at the onion in doenrade, ... It comes from the test farm in wijnansrade, ... After my knowledge there are two of these cars, ... The engine has been completely overhauled,… It fell victim to vandalism,… I would really like it if this car is restored.

    Kind regards Albert

    • Dear Albert,
      Someone is now interested to know more about the austin gipsy that has been in your possession for 30 for years. Can you tell something more about it and especially if you know anything about who could have built the body. And maybe also where the other one has gone.
      I am curious for your reaction
      With regards

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