Special Mercedessen at Louwman

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The Louwman Museum is showing seven exceptional Mercedes-Benz this summer. In collaboration with the factory's museum, seven exceptional cars from the fifties can be seen.


One is das Blaue Wunder, the famous Renntransporter based on the 300 SL. With a speed of 170 kilometers per hour it was possible to drive racing cars to circuits - that is something else than dragging a truck along the right lane with 80.
The other six cars are even faster, because they are all racing cars. Although there is a note to make right away, because the 300 SLR 'Uhlenhaut Coupé' has never participated in an official race. Yet you can safely call it a racing car, because in fact it was a Grand Prix racer for two people, with which you can also say that it was perhaps the first hypercar. The top speed of almost 300 kilometers per hour was sensational at the time. It was therefore the official car of his designer, engineer Rudolf Uhlenhaut.

Grand Prix winner

Of course there are also cars that did provide podium places. For example, the W196 R with starting number 8 was the car with which reigning world champion Juan Manuel Fangio won the Grand Prix of Zandvoort in 1955. In the same year, the same Fangio achieved second place in the Mille Miglia. The car with which that happened can also be seen in The Hague next summer.

All cars in a row

All cars in this exhibition were built in the '50 years. That naturally raises the question why, for example, the legendary racers from the 30 years are not shown. The answer to that is simple: five years ago they were already shown at a temporary exhibition. Moreover, the following also applies here: In der Beschränkung sich erst der Meister. If you want to show all the special Mercedes from the last 130 year, three Louwman Museums are not enough.

Finally, we list the cars that you do see:

  • 1952 300 SL (W194)
  • 1954-55 300 SL Gullwing (W198)
  • 1954-55 W196 R
  • 1954-55 W196 R Streamliner
  • 1955 300 SLR (W196 S)
  • 1955 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé (W196 S)
  • 1955 Renntransporter

In the gallery below this message you can already see a preview, because there are pictures of the seven cars that come to the Louwman Museum. All of these cars are absolute top pieces from the permanent collection of Mercedes-Benz Classic. It is therefore no wonder that they can only be seen temporarily in The Hague: the exhibition in the Louwman Museum lasts from 7 July to 2 September.

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Gallery: Silver Arrows in the Louwman Museum

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