Spray chrome? Powder chrome?

chrome. alternative

chrome. alternativeBCHROMED specializes in chroming parts. By means of a new technique it is possible to chrome various materials such as plastics, wood, ceramics, glass, etc. The unique spray on chrome formula ensures a beautiful and durable finish.

Metal parts can be provided with powder chrome,

Powder chrome is relatively new in the market. The result is not entirely the same as chrome, but it is coming pretty well. It is the same treatment as traditional powder coating.

Powder coating or powder coating is an electrostatic dyeing process where compressed air is used to spray negatively charged powder on a positively charged workpiece. As a result, the powder sticks temporarily to the workpiece, after which it is melted or baked in an oven.

The technology is suitable for all parts that must be shiny such as rims or metal parts. Extremely suitable for parts of classic cars that can no longer be chromed, a requirement is that they are metal parts, otherwise it automatically becomes spray chrome.

Car rim € 250, = per item incl. VAT
Motorcycle rim € 280 per item incl. VAT

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