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SS Cars is the progenitor of the respected and esteemed Jaguar. 'SS' of course stood for 'Swallow Sidecars', later for Swallow Special. But through Sir William Lyons himself, 'SS' already stands for 'Standard Swallow' in the pre-war 'Jaguars'. Standard was the supplier of the engine blocks. And that that brand name after the Second World War did not seem to be the pinnacle of tight marketing? So something was found there. SS Cars became 'Jaguar'. Sir Lyons had traditionally chosen that name from 500 animal names. And it turned out not to be a bad choice.

Exclusive survivors

However, not much remains of what were to become Jaguars, nor have they survived. There must be a shed somewhere in which two forgotten SS 100s have been dormant for decades. But most SS models are now with enthusiasts. People who have put a lot of time, effort and money into making these icons completely fresh again.

Those SS fans are usually not the people who propagate their name, hobby and address loudly and with tons of photos on social media. There are even such secret writers that even without being a member of the JDHC - the Jaguar Daimler Club Holland - they enjoy the beauty they have at home.

A gentleman pit bull

Entrance Rob van Pernis. Jaguar enthusiast pur sang. The friendly civilization itself. Every inch a gentleman. And with an incredibly tenacious character. Rob figured out what a funny idea it would be to bring together as many of these proto Jaguars, and their genetic successors right after the war.

If you combine kindness with the tenacity of a colporteur on the phone, you will get somewhere. Rob's tenacity even made it worse for the RDW's oak-wood steadfastness to obtain address details from SS owners - with due observance of all privacy rules. There are probably still rattled RDW employees who dream restlessly at night because of Rob's friendly but inexorable tenacity.

More than 20 'Jaguar' SS models

Days of searching, searching and calling resulted in some 20 (!) Owners of these early 'Jaguars' being tracked down and addressed. And wanted to participate in the small-scale meeting that the 25th was organized in Diepenheim. The encounter was Coronokriebel compatible, but set up completely relaxed. And of course there was a tour, a typical gray British cloud and a 'high tea'. Thanks to 'Tearose, just British'.

We were there and watched. We spoke to the owner of the SS, who we entered about seven years ago Auto Motor Klassiek had. The cheerful black SS did not seem to have aged a day. We spoke to a Jaguar enthusiast who bought a Porsche in his 'need for speed'.

We complimented a satisfied tired Rob van Pernis on the success of what started with: “Wouldn't it be nice if…”

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