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Replace brake oil
It is important to change the brake oil every two years
Maybe you are going on holiday with your classic this year? It is therefore important to check the car on a number of crucial points. First of all it is advisable to change the engine oil as well as the oil filter, the gearbox oil and the differential before the big ride.

The brake fluid must be replaced, because it is hygroscopic, attracts moisture and must therefore be renewed at least once every two years. Without braking in the mountains is a less pleasant experience ... Check out the situation with the wheel brake cylinders, the lining or the brake calipers and brake pads ... Check the tire pressure and adjust to the correct pressure. Not only saves a lot of fuel and (wrong) tire wear, but also improves the handling. Perhaps it is also wise to check whether the wheel nuts / bolts are still tight. A check that must be done with a torque wrench! What about the V-belt, the contact points, the water management of the cooling system? Cooling water hoses, just like V-belts, usually give up the ghost at the most unfortunate moment ... Of course, regularly monitor the oil level on the way. Perhaps unnecessarily, an oil pressure gauge - if any - indicates the pressure and not the level ...

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