A storage case and my sympathy for it Citroën

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About eight o'clock in the evening. The neighbor is ringing. "Erik, the lights of the Picasso are still on." I am surprised. I know for sure that I have switched off the lighting. A brief look at the prow of the Citroën teaches me: the neighbor is right. I walk to the car, take a seat, remove the lighting from the automatic position, switch on the lights in the regular way and switch the lighting off again. Not a penny of pain, not even in the days after.

It probably was a clumsy move on my part. Still, the joke with the lighting keeps me busy for a while. I decide to take the instruction booklet and look for a further explanation. In vain. I push the booklet back into the storage case. Just then I realize once again why the brand Citroën I always like that. It is partly due to the canvas-like fabric cover with the printed Double Chevron. The bag appeals to freedom. It also suggests leisure experience. In addition, it is a reference to alternative and quirky car construction. Permissible carelessness, which the Citroën enhance the experience. It appeals to Ami and Méhari. To think alternative and frameless. To open roof. On the furniture of the very first 2 CV. To the Deux Chevaux faith. The bag belongs in one Citroën.

Own jokes

The storage bag tells something about the imperfections of one Citroën. Omissions in the finish. Or small, non-annoying technical gaps. But it mainly tells something about the principles that the French brand certainly used in the past when designing its cars. Free freedom and lots of oddities. Or own goodies, as my father always says.

Family love for the Double Chevron

He can know, certainly in relation to the four Citroën models that we used to have at home. There was always something that raised question marks. Question marks that were answered with extra love. A love that, years after my parents said goodbye to the brand, became tangible when my father and I presented the exhibition in 1995 75 years Citroën visited the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. That tangibility is reflected in the sympathy that I feel when I go to the Double Chevron on my steering wheel Citroën look. Or a very sophisticated design Citroën gadget such as the conscious storage bag from the glove compartment suit.


Then I cherish the memories of the two 2CV4 models and the two GSs of my parents. I then sense the respect for the XM that I regularly used during my internship in 1993, still one of the finest cars I was allowed to drive. Then I think of the Xantia Break, which we rented with four more people to travel to the French winter sports regions. And it retains the idiosyncrasy of the Traction Avant by Tamme and Gepke Hansma, who played the lead role in an AMK report. And I enjoy my Picasso, Dutch and European traveler. At such moments I experience sympathy for a lot Citroën models.

Good at what it's really about

It is a weak one. A brand love that is anchored forever and that unambiguously comes to the surface when I realize: what really matters is there Citroën good at. As long as you spend some extra care and love on it. Certainly then Creative technology not a hollow marketing cry, but he covers the Citroën cargo, also under the PSA regime that has lasted for years. That's why I often feel that typical Citroën ambiance. And that also takes hold of me thanks to an alternative but intuitively oh-so-sophisticated case. A cover that crawls under my skin, which I occasionally grab, but actually never has to remove from the glove compartment. Because my Citroën always works. In its own kind and casual way.

A way that suits every Citroën. From 2CV to DS. From Traction Avant to C6. From Cactus to Picasso. It is a special brand. And that's it!


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