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A classic T1 camper ... there will not be much discussion about that. But what about a young timer?
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By: René Gruwel - Wilbers Taxaties (

The holiday is just around the corner and you have a beautiful trip to the sunny south in mind. Or the north. Beautiful of course. Travel insurance in order. No dirt in the air you think. Not always. I recently went to a Volkswagen T3 bus for a valuation. The bus was purchased as a standard Caravelle in good condition and restored over time and equipped with a beautiful camper layout and awning. In this way the Caravelle seemed ideal for a trip to the Scandinavian countries. But despite all the good maintenance and a perfect condition, he ended up in Sweden with bad luck. The VW wanted to start with no possibility anymore. The emergency services engaged via the Netherlands were also unable to find and solve the problem. The repatriation of the T3 motorhome was soon discussed. The friendly, but nevertheless utterly bewildering answer: the T3 would not be recalled because it was no longer worth it in view of its current value. Fortunately the owner was able to get a local garage owner to look at it. It soon became clear that the connection of the 12 Volt cable, which starts the bendix relay of the starter motor, had an internal break. Fortunately he was able to drive his beloved Caravelle home without any problems.
Something to think about is the considerable difference in perception of the value between the owner and the emergency services. If you go abroad with a classic or youngtimer, make sure you have an up-to-date valuation report. In the event of repatriation, it is indeed considered whether it pays off. A valid and current valuation report can then be decisive!


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  1. In addition to a thorough valuation, it is also the main thing to take out really good old-timer insurance. If an insurer complains that it offers a policy in accordance with FEHAC 'specifications', it is worthwhile to view the conditions of this policy. One of the requirements and expectations of the FEHAC at the time was that a distribution guarantee would be included in the policy conditions. This means that the vehicle will be repatriated at all times in any state, if the owner attaches importance to this. I myself have a TVM policy that is drawn up in accordance with the FEHAC requirements. A bit more expensive, but then I assume that it is settled with that. They also always repatriate

  2. I am also a classic car owner and a member of the KNAC at this club your classic car is ALWAYS repatriated from abroad. this club also advises: provide a valid and recognized appraisal report.

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