Stuck motor

Stuck motor
Engine locked? A few tips that help
ER Classics Desktop 2022

Stuck motor
Engine locked? A few tips that help
In times when money is scarce and there are still people who counted themselves as rich but who nevertheless counted as poor, a lot of things are going 'classic'. Often they are elderly Opeltjes, Minis, Volkswagen Kevers, Renaultjes, but also Mercedes cars or Jaguars.

Those cars have often been waiting for redemption for decades in a damp shed. In many cases the engine is as stuck as a house. This is due to rust in the bore of the cylinders ... Injection with creeping oil or Coca Cola and patient waiting is an option. Much cheaper and at least as good - if not better! - is it to pour diesel oil into the cylinders through the spark plug holes. Wait at least one day and then carefully pry with a ring spanner or cap to the bolt or nut of the front pulley. Do not use force, because then you are very likely to force things, that is, the piston rings break. And then it will still be a total overhaul, because once you have the place open ... Once the place is normal, then do not start! First drain the oil (and the diesel!), Change the oil filter - if fitted, also clean the oil cooler - put in new filter and new oil and start. If the stuff is running, let it idle for an 30 minute before you slowly increase the speed. After you have traveled around 150 kilometers - very quietly - again, change the engine oil and the filter and certainly avoid the first thousand kilometers of (r) rpm ...!


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