Summer time? Rinse the radiator!

boiling engine block
Prevention is better than cure
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boiling engine block
Prevention is better than cure

Some classics are already driving to full satisfaction with a polluted cooling system. That usually goes well. Thanks to the Dutch climate. Engine cooling is very important this season. With a little effort, the flushing system can be 'flushed'. For this, the renowned companies all deliver their own products. Valvoline is such a supplier.

Valvoline Radiator Flush radiator cleaning is a powerful combination of surfactants, detergents and inhibitors, which quickly emulsifies oil, limescale and sludge and removes loose rust and boiler from the complete cooling system. Radiator Flush maintains the effectiveness and efficiency of the cooling system by promoting the operation of the coolant and improving heat dissipation. It can be used with any cooling system, regardless of the type of coolant used.

  • Radiator Flush:

  • Emulsifies oil and sludge, removes looser rust and scale
  • Contains no acids
  • Prevents the formation of acids and pollutants
  • Safe and easy to use

So on to your dealer or local car specialist store

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