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Sunbeam Alpine (1965). Unprecedented driving pleasure

Sunbeam Alpine (1965)
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Do you have any idea how to recognize a classic fan? He or she suddenly pops up when a classic comes into view. Always take the mobile with you so that photos can be taken immediately. Does not stop talking about classics and old-timers. Visibly gets a warm feeling. That also happened to us when we saw a beautiful 'open air' Sunbeam Alpine in the Frisian town of Ee. 

By: Dirk de Jong

A beautiful red two-seater. A nice weather automobile that stood in despite the sun-drenched day. Is this 'homeless' fun for a senior? For a member of the 'gray wave'? On the contrary, the owner Hendrik Dijkstra is only 25 !!

High value

For Hendrik it is a collective project, but also a utensil, because after all, that's what they were made for. In addition, there are more cars in the garage from times gone by. Completely the atmosphere of the time such as an NSU 1200, a Singer Vogue, a VW T1 Split Bus, a VW Beetle convertible 1303 Karmann and another Beetle in sedan version.

Classic rental car

According to Hendrik, the attention for classics has increased more and more in recent years, the more so because, in addition to fun, it also offers driving 'yesterday'. All cars are used for rental. But he struggles to do the same with the Sunbeam Alpine. In the meantime it is waving, and an approving thumb on his daily routine in the Frisian countryside. Moreover, he sees that as a gift from his fellow road users. Seeing the happy side of life, we recognize that as classic enthusiasts? 

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Sunbeam Alpine (1965)
Sunbeam Alpine (1965)
Sunbeam Alpine (1965)

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