Suzuki GS1000

Suzuki GS1000
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The new motorcycling started with the Honda CB750F. That's what they had in the head about at Kawasaki. Because at Kawa they also thought they would surprise the world with something so beautiful. That dream Kawa Z750 was a more modern, better machine. But at Kawasaki they came up with something to make it not just 'the second 750 cc four-cylinder'. They put the drill through the cylinders and their topper grew to 900 cc. Four-cylinder inline engines had become the trend. To such an extent that the last buyers of the remnants of the European motorcycle world spoke scornfully about the UJMs. The universal Japanese motorcycles.

Suzuki also wanted to earn some money

Suzuki also wanted to participate in that premier league. After Suzuki almost went bankrupt on the Wankel adventure, the Japanese decided to play it safe. They also just, like the competition, started making four in-line engines, UJMs. But they did very well with the GS line, because they had the examples at hand.

Suzuki's GS750 was already better than the Honda CB750

With the GS750, Suzuki had proven to make good steering, fast reliable motorcycles. And the Suzuki GS1000 took advantage of the experience gained with the 750 cc four-cylinder. The Suzuki GS1000 was the best steering '1000' of its time, the engine had so many reserves that tuners like 'Pops' Yoshimura could do very nice things with it. In the American 'Pro Stock' class, the tuned blocks delivered up to 300+ horsepower at 14.000 rpm.

Globally, the Suzuki GS1000 was thus regarded as the best Japanese four-cylinder up to that time. But there were already so many thick Japanese four-cylinders that he did not bang technically because of his exclusivity.

Go for the original

The Suzuki GS1000s were adapted according to the familiar recipe, according to the wishes of the time and the taste of their owners. Sporty with a 'drop handlebar' plus a 4 in 1, or tourist with cockpit and suitcases. At the moment it is still better to go for the top and originality. Choose the one that is as perfect as possible. At the lower end of the market, where prices are low, free thinkers are gnawing at such a Suzuki as the basis for a café racer (or - how did they get the idea - for a scrambler or a bratstyle bobber).

The state of affairs

A well-maintained Suzuki GS1000 with a barrel on the clock can be a great purchase. But you can still find copies under 1.500 euros that are a good starting point for a project, or suitable as an everyday classic. Quite a few parts can still be found at motorcycle scrap yards. But remember that color and chrome parts are scarce. Providers such as can still supply the most beautiful glimmers. But this quickly multiplies the purchase price of a challenging project.

In the current, internet-driven, market picture in the Netherlands, a beautiful, original Suzuki GS1000 is already asking about 5.000 euros. But for the time being, those machines will remain for sale for quite some time. The most beautiful specimens usually go abroad.

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