Suzuki Intruder: quite a nice thing

Suzuki Intruder
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With the current maximum speed hassle, cruising is cool. And you can best cruise on an engine with a V2 block. They came up with that in 1985 at Suzuki. But where many Japanese manufacturers then lived in the twilight country between a Harley clone and a rocking horse, the Suzuki Intruder was clearly a machine with its own, almost elegantly cool face.

In essence they were intended as 700 cc (import restrictions!) Models for the US of A. The rest of the world got them as 750'er, 800 and 1400's (of 1360 cc) bikes. The program was rounded down with the 400's and 600's.

The Suzuki Intruder clearly had its own face

And that was specifically tailored to the American market. Americans are like Germans: They love shiny things. Check. The V-twin? A must! The butt of the buddy that actually disturbed the nice descending line of the bike? Well… In terms of bicycle terms, the Suzuki Intruder was at the level of The Great Example. The bike was made to ride in American conditions: long, straight roads with strict speed limits. But you didn't buy an Intruder to take long fast journeys or race it through the Ardennes. The brakes, suspension and damping had not been taught for that either.

Nicely finished machines

But wherefor he intended, such a Suzuki Intruder (700, 750 or 800) was a good, neatly finished machine. Sales went so well that the entire line was discovered by the aftermarket suppliers. They made sense of things that could make an Intruder more shiny, more American and / or noisier. Just like it happened a century before Harley. So what happened to the Suzuki Intruders? Again, just like with the Harleys, it was often done enthusiastically and inexpertly. A topper was to mount an exhaust system that was as loud as possible and to adjust the block in such a way that you could count the blows at zero load. That sounded very tough. And the bigends were destroyed by it. Installing other air filters without adjusting the nozzle layout has also proven that you can kill even the best technology with enough ignorance.

A heavy one is your true one

Of course, many people fell in love with the 1400 Suzuki Intruder. Strangely enough, the 700, 750 and 800 cc machines were often dismissed as motorcycles for women. The only thing we can imagine is that the seat height on those machines is very people-friendly. But a Suzuki Intruder from the lighter range is certainly not the most woman-friendly bike in our opinion. We recommend purchasing a copy that is as standard as possible. Any maintenance history would be nice.

Intruders now

We can conclude that the Suzuki Intruder is a classic. They present a fairly original, fresh interpretation of what an American V-twin can look like when it is very much like a large example. Standard and simply maintained, such an Intruder block is certainly good for a ton.

Under European, previously humid conditions, the chrome - especially the coating of engine parts - turned out not to be very good. When moisture got under, the surface looked like it had a serious skin disease. But currently a good used Suzuki Intruder is an affordable, fun and reliable classic. We found our purplish fashion model for sale at Woesthoff motorcycling shop. Such an Intruder also has a cardan drive. And about 60 hp? That's more than enough. Oh yes: Intruders are often 'fantasy sprayed'. You gotta love that.

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All names within the same family.

And then there was also the model for more European-tinted motorcyclists: the XV800. Here with a non-original tub and practical cases. They are not even expensive. They are dirt cheap.

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